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Lady Gaga gives birth in ‘Born This Way’ Music Video…

Who knew Lady Gaga’s hit single ‘Born This Way’ could have a far deeper meaning beyond its lyrics, which she graphically explains in her lengthy introduction. This music video was just what I expected from the Mother Monster…peculiar imagery and wacky choreography, forming a completely ‘out of the box’ concept. Now I am all up for something different, but this just revolted me…watching Gaga “giving birth” made my skin crawl and furthermore it was quite disturbing and unsettling for the stomach.

“How can I protect something so perfect, without evil”? …I mean only gaga Gaga could come with a line like that. I didn’t like the song before and the video hasn’t helped to sway my decision, so I am still against the track unfortunately… The Nick Knight-directed video is one of those that often leave me speechless, then afterward reflecting on what I’ve just witnessed, and eventually wondering… “What did I just watch?” However I still have faith in her second single, as long as it doesn’t involve giving birth…Gaga style…


Kanye West Drops His Flash New Video For ‘All of the Lights’ ft. Rihanna (and erm, Kid Cudi)…

Kanye West has recently debuted his dazzling new video for ‘All of the Lights’, his latest single taken from his platinum-certified album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy– this is the only video that I’ve watched where I have found myself continuously blinking thereafter……

The Hype Williams-directed video displays colourful flashing lyrics on screen with varying arty effects and designs, clearly emphasising the song’s message. I also loved how near the end of the vid, artists’ names flashed on screen crediting all those who made some contribution to the track. I do love this track and video…A LOT…but after watching the whole screen flash its different colours and the video ended, I could honestly still see the lights flashing before my eyes for a while after, so I guess they’ve succeeded in making us see all of the lights! -though I don’t think anyone was focusing on all those lights when Rihanna popped up on screen…

Watching the video has definitely made me appreciate and love this tune even more than I did before. I’ve not really been a massive fan of Kanye’s releases for a while (sorry) but this one has certainly won back my heart 🙂 I Love. !

Emerging UK Talent!: OBEHI

To all those who love to hear about great new artists, I would like to introduce you to the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Obehi who currently resides in Scotland, moving there from Nigeria at the age of 8. Obehi has always had a huge enthusiasm for music, and this enormous passion and her wonderful talent has previously been highlighted in her remarkable debut EP.

Obehi is now set to release her brand new EP entitled ‘Bittersweet’ on 21st February 2011, which is a sparkling demonstration of her brilliant songwriting ability and her fantastic vocal talent, together creating an EP with beautifully delivered, heartfelt material. “The raw honesty, deep-seeded love and vulnerable emotions of a young woman are ever present and lies at the centre of this EP, bringing together a great piece of work”.

The gifted vocalist is heavily influenced by Pop, R’n’B and Soul, and is inspired by her childhood idols and contemporary stars including Rihanna, Beyonce, and India Arie. She is now looking to build her own potential career in music, and aims to continue pleasing audiences around the country with her honest and inspiring lyrics, gripping melodies, and her charismatic nature. Take a listen to one of the tracks from her latest EP entitled ‘Fool’ below.

Plus if you would like to be in with a chance to receive a signed copy of Obehi’s EP ‘Bittersweet’ then just answer the following question correctly and then fill in your details below! All entries must be received by Friday4th March 2011!

Cee Lo Green is ‘The Lady Killer’ in ‘Bodies’ Video

Cee Lo Green releases his video for his latest single ‘Bodies’, taken from his album ‘The Lady Killer’. After seeing his colourful, vibrant and fun performances at the Grammys and The Brits, this track and video gives off a totally different vibe and nature of the artist; you probably wouldn’t want to be his Lady after watching this!

The animated, dark and murderous video directed by Mikael Colombu features cameos by Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington and Karl Lagerfeld. Creativity overflows in this video, while Cee Lo gets caught up in a murder mystery. I do love the menacing introduction creepily delivered by the singer as he says “…I Have A Licence To Kill…” just before the track is about to officially drop, sounding frightful enough to send chills down your spine. The visuals are certainly not as bright and bubbly as his previous singles ‘F**k You’ and ‘It’s OK’, but the video is altogether clever and artistically directed, and the intense nature of the video makes for an interesting viewing. It is definitely refreshing to see compelling visuals and brilliant imagery so check out the video below as ‘The Lady Killer’ unfolds the murder story below…

An Interview with the Incredible UK Singer/Songwriter, Miss Baby Sol…


The talented independent UK artist Miss Baby Sol, who has collaborated with the likes of Black Einstein, Lazy Habits, Nutty P and John ‘J’Nay’ Adeleye, released her debut EP ‘Before I Begin (The Journey)’ last month offering 7 amazing Reggae/Soul/Jazz tracks. She recently had her EP launch party at the Hoxton Bar and Grill where she graced the stage with her incredible performances, and you can check a review of this event including a few clips from the show over here. As a brand new fan of the singer/songwriter, I decided to ask her a few question in order to find out a little bit more about herself and her musical career – so for all the Baby Sol fans and mostly for those who are still yet to know about the brilliant vocalist, check out my lil interview with the Baby Sol below 🙂

  • Your EP Before I Begin (The Journey) was released 10th January; how does it feel to have released your first ever EP?

I feel like I’ve done something with my life at last lol! It’s been brilliant xxx

  • How would you describe the overall mood and sound of your EP?

I would say that is like a journey, from highs to lows to highs to lows… just like life 🙂

  • I can totally relate to your song ‘No No’! Do you have any strong personal attachment to any of the tracks on your EP?

I have a strong personal attachment to ALL the songs on the EP! They were all written through need to express xxx

  • If you could release any of your tracks as an official single, which one would you choose?

It would be Always 🙂

  • My favourite performance of yours was when you sang ‘Sitting’ at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. What song on your EP do you love performing the most and why?

I love performing Plans because there’s scope for dancing and audience participation.

  • You look like you have so much fun on stage and the audience absolutely adore you. How does it feel to receive that amount of love and support as an independent artist?

I have to say that it has been quite overwhelming. I perform for a living so I’m used to that part but the pressure on an artist when it’s just down to them… I’ve never known that before so when I came out and all those people were there for me and they were so supportive and encouraging it felt amazing! I was on a high for about a week after that show! It was my 1st show that was longer than 4 songs except for the 1st show I did at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen with Paloma and Rox. Part of the reason I chose that venue. It holds very special significance for me.

  • If you didn’t become a singer, what career path would you have taken instead?

I originally thought I might want to be a journalist…. before that a doctor when  was really little… I probably would have ended up being some singing office girl… it nearly happened! lol x

  • Who has been your most inspiration throughout your recording career?

I don’t know! I’m inspired by a lot… my mum is the most inspiring person to me in all of life.

  • If you could collaborate with any artist other than who you have already worked with, who would it be?

I got asked this before and I said no one really but  have recently decided that I would like to collaborate with Eminem… or Lowkey… more will come I am sure! I am consistently learning and changing…as do we all!

  • Is there a fully loaded album in the works?


  • If you were asked to DJ at any event, what are the top five songs that you would decide to play? (not including your own of course!)

LOL! Erm… at the moment it would be the Original New Orleans version of Here Come The Girls, Nirvana Teen Spirit, Katy B Katy On A Mission, The Noisettes Saturday Night, Oo Baby I like It Raw (the instrumental version with live horns)

  • Lastly, for the people who want to know the life of Baby Sol behind the scenes (basically me!), what do you usually get up to in your spare time – while you’re away from the world of music?

I usually spend time with my family, eating, walking, playing, watching movies… the usual stuff really lol! My life is full of music at all turns though… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀


Support new, independent music and purchase your copy of ‘Before I Begin (The Journey)’ here!

Video: Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão – ‘Crazy’ ft. Naeto C…

Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão staged her vocal ‘talent’ on the reality TV show, and announced her desire for a singing career. Since then she has gone on to record and shoot a music video for her debut single ‘Crazy’, featuring rapper Naeto C.

In the video directed by SpaceshipC, the BB star certainly makes the most out of a sub-standard song; I mean this sexually enticing go-getter really milks every ounce of this track and video. For me, the song itself is well below average, but the video manages enhance the whole tone of the number and it’s clearly an accurate portrayal of the song’s context. It’s a decent party banger for some, but I can’t deny it is also quite an irritatingly contagious track. She hasn’t vocally arrived as of yet, but at least she has accomplished something she has wanted to fulfill in her life. I admire her ambition… It’s definitely a song that will surely send people CRAZY on the dance floor (in every sense of the word :-)).

Lady Gaga Declares That She Was ‘BORN THIS WAY’ In Her New Single…

“I’m Beautiful In My Way, ‘Cause God Makes No Mistakes I’m On The Right Track, Baby I Was Born This Way” Lady Gaga sings on her up-tempo, electronically driven latest single ‘Born This Way’, taken from her upcoming album sharing the same title. For me, this song that I had high expectations of lacks the originality that Gaga is widely known for. The introduction was quite promising, but as the song continued I lost all interest. I’ve always credited her for being different from ‘the rest’ but this track sounds too much of a replicate of what has already been done before…

I do appreciate the track’s encouraging and quotable lyrics, while Gaga sings Whether Life’s Disabilities Left You Outcast, Bullied Or Teased Rejoice And Love Yourself Today ‘Cause Baby, You Were Born This Way”, but as the first single from her upcoming album, especially one that was so excitably anticipated, I feel like it still failed to live up to all the hype it received. Nonetheless, I still do look forward to hearing future material from her upcoming album! (I would just probably skip this one track though :-S)

Music Video: Nas and Damian Marley – ‘Patience’ “This One Right Here Is For The People”

Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley have recently released their epic video for ‘Patience’, the latest single taken from their collaborative album ‘Distant Relatives’. Nas and Damian are two artists who dig deep into the significance of their history and who surely succeed in recapturing the importance of lyrics. They are both a perfect demonstration of how strongly lyrics can reach far deeper into a listener’s mind. The realness and the expressive nature of this track and video makes my stomach flutter a little – this probably isn’t a track I’d have on my iPod, but I must say I respect this song highly and this deeply artistic, and spiritual video directed by NABIL has that strong ability to instantly capture your focus, with its amazing graphic visuals immensely gripping on the eye.

An enlightening listen, a descriptive viewing… so travel back in time with Nas and Damian Marley in ‘Patience’ video…

Taylor Swift Raps Nicki Minaj’s Album Cut ‘Super Bass’…too cute!

In a recent radio interview, Taylor Swift recites a few lines from Nicki Minaj’s track ‘Super Bass’, taken from her album ‘Pink Friday’. This is my top favourite song off the album as well so I totally had to hear this one, and I must say, that was such an adorable 5 seconds! Her shyness along with the cute hand movements was so endearing, I sort of wanted her to rap the whole verse. Taylor frequently openly admits that she knows every single lyric of this album cut and raps along to it while she’s in her car – I can actually imagine this! (plus, it’s kind of what I do too…) Hmmmm so could “T-Swizzle” go from a Country star to a Rap artist? …I say NO! But it was most definitely the cutest effort 🙂 Watch below…