Video: Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão – ‘Crazy’ ft. Naeto C…

Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão staged her vocal ‘talent’ on the reality TV show, and announced her desire for a singing career. Since then she has gone on to record and shoot a music video for her debut single ‘Crazy’, featuring rapper Naeto C.

In the video directed by SpaceshipC, the BB star certainly makes the most out of a sub-standard song; I mean this sexually enticing go-getter really milks every ounce of this track and video. For me, the song itself is well below average, but the video manages enhance the whole tone of the number and it’s clearly an accurate portrayal of the song’s context. It’s a decent party banger for some, but I can’t deny it is also quite an irritatingly contagious track. She hasn’t vocally arrived as of yet, but at least she has accomplished something she has wanted to fulfill in her life. I admire her ambition… It’s definitely a song that will surely send people CRAZY on the dance floor (in every sense of the word :-)).


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