Taylor Swift Raps Nicki Minaj’s Album Cut ‘Super Bass’…too cute!

In a recent radio interview, Taylor Swift recites a few lines from Nicki Minaj’s track ‘Super Bass’, taken from her album ‘Pink Friday’. This is my top favourite song off the album as well so I totally had to hear this one, and I must say, that was such an adorable 5 seconds! Her shyness along with the cute hand movements was so endearing, I sort of wanted her to rap the whole verse. Taylor frequently openly admits that she knows every single lyric of this album cut and raps along to it while she’s in her car – I can actually imagine this! (plus, it’s kind of what I do too…) Hmmmm so could “T-Swizzle” go from a Country star to a Rap artist? …I say NO! But it was most definitely the cutest effort 🙂 Watch below…