Rickstar Unveils His Funky Video For His Classy New Single ‘Hanging On (Let Go)’!

Following his previous single ‘Beat Of My Heart‘, Rickstar, a 21 year old singer/songwriter from London drops another smashing number entitled ‘Hanging On (Let Go)’, taken from his terrific EP Vintage Soul, Modern Mind. The track itself adopts the nature of the 60s, modernised to create a funky fresh sound. The combination of the famous Motown flavour with a modern touch forms this brilliantly easygoing song, with addictive vocals and an infectious melody – a track you are bound to catch yourself subconsciously humming down the street!

The accompanied captivating music video is equally epic; the visual is quirky yet slick and stylish, and Rickstar is undeniably an entertaining trendsetter – he is most certainly able to keep us hanging on to his every word with a hit as gripping as this!

Check out the funky video below, and support the phenomenal Rickstar by downloading his Vintage Soul, Modern Mind’ 8-track EP by clicking here!

Rihanna Releases Her Official Video for ‘You Da One’!…

Rihanna finally unveils her sassy new video for her latest single ‘You Da One’, taken from her ‘Talk That Talk’ album. This is definitely Da One I’ve been waiting for as I am craaaazy about this traaack! She has hardly switched things up much in comparison to her previous videos  – apart from the blonde transformation of course – but what more did we really expect??

 I am probably bias seeing as I am completely in love with the quirky number, but I do appreciate the execution of the video, the artistic lyrical graphics and effects, the whole creative aspect of the visual – it’s powerful in that it clearly presents the song’s message in the simplest way, and it enriches the track and sits perfectly with the nature of the song.

Check out the new vid from Da One and only Rihanna

Chris Brown Heats Up this Wintery Season With His Official Video for ‘Strip’…

Well Chris Brown seems to have dropped his wintery-themed official video for his latest single ‘Strip’ (ft. Kevin McCall) at the perfect time this ‘breezy’ season. Only CB could consider stripping down in midwinter! But let’s face it – this chilled yet frisky visual certainly helps to heat up the chilly days and our frosty bones.

The ‘She Ain’t You’ singer proves to be having a whole lotta harmless fun, acting his cheeky breezy self, along with lavish ladies he and rapper McCall would surely love to reflect the track’s title. Taken from his upcoming fifth album ‘Fortune’, ‘Strip’ is not necessarily an original number, or visual, but it’s an addictive one all the same!

Get all warmed up below…

[Video] X Factor Final Press Conference and Duets Revealed!…

The X Factor final Press Conference which took place yesterday, revealed all the exciting plans for this weekend’s X Factor final at Wembley Arena!

The one aspect of the final I tend to look forward to the most each year is the duets – but this year it is set to be an all new format. Instead of the finalists performing a duet with various artists, this time they will be performing with their own mentors! So no pressure Gary, Kelly and Tulisa! Ironically I think it’s the judges that are going to be judged – a taste of their own damn medicine – and it would surely be shameful if they get upstaged by the amateurs! (hehehe)

So which songs will the duets be performing…

Well Gary has confirmed that he and Marcus will be singing Billy Joel’sAlways A Woman’ which is said to be dedicated to the finalist’s mum. (They’re gonna shut it DOWN!)

Tulisa and her “little muffins” will be performing a mash-up of Alicia Key’sEmpire State Of Mind’ and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. (Yep they’re sure to bring the house DOWN with that one).

And finally, Amelia Lily and Kelly Rowland will be performing Ike and Tina Turner’s classic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ – and in the words of Kelly Rowland, they’re gonna “put it DOWN!”.

So can comeback kid Amelia Lily take the winner’s crown? Can cutie Marcus steal even more of the viewers’ hearts and become the X Factor champion? Can Little Mix win the competition and make X Factor history!?

And to top off the weekend’s events, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Leona Lewis, One Direction and JLS will be gracing the stages on Sunday night! I for one cannot WAIT for the phenomenon that is the X Factor final to commence!

Lady Gaga MARRYS THE NIGHT In Her Longest Music Video Ever Made…

Now the thing is…I really do like Lady Gaga. She has a brilliant voice, huge talent and a wonderful personality, but this music video for her latest single ‘Marry The Night‘ has left my heart disputing with my head; my heart believes that she’s totally awesome……but my head believes that she is officially deranged.

When I noticed that I was about to watch a 14 minute-long video, I was optimistically intrigued, but that was honestly precisely 13:51mins of complete nonsense!!! I guess I could never deny the fact that she is totally living up to her stage name!

I understand that the visual is representative of her past, but it was just uninteresting to view, it had no life, a bore to watch, and I have no words to offer on the final scene…

We all know that the unique superstar is outrageous/wacky/eccentric/plus any other nutty-related terms, but this was on a whole new Gaga level. The only part that just about sparked my interest was the dance routine – but overall, to put it plainly…I just didn’t like it.

Create your own opinion below…


We did it last week, and we can do it AGAIN! Vote vote VOTE to take the most talented Miss Misha B through to the penultimate stage of the competition!

Viewers are once again trying to bring her down by complaining that she was only saved by the public because of her “sob story” concerning her mother, who gave her up as a child and recently tried to get in touch with Misha via the media. So now it’s said that her personal life should be kept private – well they weren’t saying that when talk of her “bulling” was flying through the media…didn’t want her personal life to stay private then did ya!

To all the cynical folk, she didn’t get saved because of her “sob story”; she got saved because of her VOICE! So she can cry all she wants on stage and behind the scenes for at least this girl has TALENT to back it up! Come on MISHA fans, we can save the B-est once again by sparing a vote for our girl – let’s aim to keep her in for the final!


Text: MISHA to 88333

Phone: 0901 61 61 03




(Read below for my earlier plea)


I don’t usually vote for contestants on The X Factor, but this week I intend on making an exception – I can no longer face seeing Misha B in the bottom two for a third week! Now I am not about to criticise any of the other remaining acts, but Misha B is by far the most talented artist left in this competition. Her talent is on a whole other level compared to the other contestants; although I must admit the re-entry of Amelia Lily has ruffled things slightly – the originally-rejected singer was even given some of Misha’s lines in the M&S advert! Talk about eliminating her on the sly!

We all know Tulisa more or less damaged the singer’s chances of winning the show by exposing her as an alleged “bully”, and therefore darkening her name – let’s face it – once word got around about comments made by herself and Louis, Misha had no chance of retaining those public votes.

But we need to REMEMBER what Misha B is CAPABLE of, and that she is an incredibly FULLY-FLEDGED artist with SUPERSTAR potential! Each week she ignites that stage with her stunning voice, electric stage presence, and powerful performances… she always…ALWAYS delivers!

I know a few other passionate people who shall be boycotting the show if this girl gets voted out…so let’s get behind her guys! Even if you don’t usually vote, let us give her our full support this week and keep her in the competition (and in the M&S advert!). Let’s prove that we B-lieve in our MISHA and VOTE!

Support this plea for Misha B!




Beyonce’s Performances of ‘End of Time’ (Live at Roseland: Elements of 4)

During the lead up to the birth of her first child, Beyonce provides us with a taster of her upcoming live performance DVD Live at Roseland: Elements of 4, with various clips of her performances of ‘End of Time’ combined into one to create one energy-filled video clip. It seems as though this has been offered at the perfect time as a reminder of what she can do…without the baby bump! – yet an appreciated addition to our screens so that we won’t miss her too much while she’s awaiting the arrival of her vey own miniature addition. I’m still totally addicted to this track and I LOVE the video which has been excellently edited and is hugely entertaining!

You just gotta love her 🙂 …

Snoop Dogg’s Offspring Cori B Releases 2nd Single ‘SMH’…(SMH)

Will Smith did it, twice even, and now Snoop Dogg wishes to create a star out of his girl as he offers up his 12-year-old daughter Cori B to the music biz, (assumedly to make enough dosh and secure him a profitable retirement…maybe?) I guess this could also be viewed as a bit of healthy competition for young Willow!

Cori B releases her new single entitled ‘SMH’ (abbreviation for ‘Shaking My Head’ in case you ain’t ‘down’ with the internet slang), and I want to be nice, seeing as she is only 12, but truthfully, this track is just no good. I’ve tried to enjoy it for the sake of her young attempt, but the song is merely suited for HER OWN age. Plus the novelty of cute young singers has worn off since the arrival of Willow Smith and Jawan Harris, and I just don’t see a future in this latest addition – but I guess being a child of The Dogg…anything can happen!

So we’ve had ‘OMG’, ‘LOL’, and now ‘SMH’. What’s next? ‘WTH’?‘LMAO’? ‘BRB’? Check out the new single below while I’m off to write a track called ‘KMT’.

Rihanna Displays Mixed Emotions In ‘We Found Love’ Video…

Rihanna releases her emotionally-lead video for her latest single ‘We Found Love’. Listening to the song alone, I didn’t actually imagine it having such an intense storyline; it doesn’t necessarily compliment the party element of the song but then it certainly does reflect its lyrics, and I fully appreciate that the visual dissects the track to draw focus towards the words of the song.

Throughout the video, we follow Rihanna’s destructive love-life; could this video quite possibly be a reflection of her relationship with a certain Mr Brown? …given that the male actor is quite a replicate of him in his blonde-haired days. Well whatever the influences, this is a great video with massive impact nonetheless.

Ri-Ri might find love in a hopeless place, but she is far from hopeless at finding herself at the top of the charts! Check out the video for the number one single below!

Beyonce Exhibits Her Baby Bump In Her New Vid For Countdown…

In light of the countdown to the birth of her first born, Beyonce stylishly displays that baby bump in the music video for her latest single ‘Countdown’. The ‘1+1’ singer adopts a cute, yet bold attitude as she proves that she can still rock it while she’s up the duff! This video didn’t make me go “WOW” exactly, as it is that kind of energetic, sexy, quirky visual that we would all expect from the singer, but can’t deny it’s most definitely a rapid and multi-coloured video that is full of fun and excitement. 🙂

Join in the big COUNTDOWN below!