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Snoop Dogg’s Offspring Cori B Releases 2nd Single ‘SMH’…(SMH)

Will Smith did it, twice even, and now Snoop Dogg wishes to create a star out of his girl as he offers up his 12-year-old daughter Cori B to the music biz, (assumedly to make enough dosh and secure him a profitable retirement…maybe?) I guess this could also be viewed as a bit of healthy competition for young Willow!

Cori B releases her new single entitled ‘SMH’ (abbreviation for ‘Shaking My Head’ in case you ain’t ‘down’ with the internet slang), and I want to be nice, seeing as she is only 12, but truthfully, this track is just no good. I’ve tried to enjoy it for the sake of her young attempt, but the song is merely suited for HER OWN age. Plus the novelty of cute young singers has worn off since the arrival of Willow Smith and Jawan Harris, and I just don’t see a future in this latest addition – but I guess being a child of The Dogg…anything can happen!

So we’ve had ‘OMG’, ‘LOL’, and now ‘SMH’. What’s next? ‘WTH’?‘LMAO’? ‘BRB’? Check out the new single below while I’m off to write a track called ‘KMT’.