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Snoop Dogg’s Offspring Cori B Releases 2nd Single ‘SMH’…(SMH)

Will Smith did it, twice even, and now Snoop Dogg wishes to create a star out of his girl as he offers up his 12-year-old daughter Cori B to the music biz, (assumedly to make enough dosh and secure him a profitable retirement…maybe?) I guess this could also be viewed as a bit of healthy competition for young Willow!

Cori B releases her new single entitled ‘SMH’ (abbreviation for ‘Shaking My Head’ in case you ain’t ‘down’ with the internet slang), and I want to be nice, seeing as she is only 12, but truthfully, this track is just no good. I’ve tried to enjoy it for the sake of her young attempt, but the song is merely suited for HER OWN age. Plus the novelty of cute young singers has worn off since the arrival of Willow Smith and Jawan Harris, and I just don’t see a future in this latest addition – but I guess being a child of The Dogg…anything can happen!

So we’ve had ‘OMG’, ‘LOL’, and now ‘SMH’. What’s next? ‘WTH’?‘LMAO’? ‘BRB’? Check out the new single below while I’m off to write a track called ‘KMT’.


Music Video: Jawan Harris and Chris Brown Are On ‘Another Planet’…

Following the young new R&B singer’s debut single ‘Nobody’, Jawan Harris returns with his second music video for his single Another Planet, featuring Chris Brown. If you’ve already heard his previous cute little love song and have seen the video for ‘Nobody’, you’ll realize how different, much more grown and less cheesy his latest track is, in which he claims to be on a much higher level than any others and have possessions that are out of this world – you could almost forget this little man is only 13 years old!

Although the vocals are casually delivered by the guys, they do go perfectly with the uncomplicated beat and its pounding bassline, and has an awesome overall impact on the track. I was instantly hooked to this song when I first heard it a few months ago, and I must say the futuristic video is a complete fit and fully refreshes the track. The hazy and unearthly visuals are gripping and the black and blue lighting and the glowing effects create a ‘spacey’ ambience.

Check out Jawan Harris travelling alongside Chris Brown to Another Planet below…


Jawan Harris and Willow Smith – Could Young Talent be Taking Over the World!?

I’m not really gonna write a review… I just needed to feature these artists purely because it’s shocking how talented these kiddos are! Firstly, Jawan Harris who is only 12 years old, has mad talent in my opinion. Initially I wanted to write something about his song ‘Nobody’ which actually shows off his incredible voice much more (check it out if you ain’t heard , but then I came across the track ‘Another Planet’ featuring Chris Brown of whom I’m a massive supporter of, and thought damn I am TOTALLY feeling this tune it’s on fyah! So decided to feature this one instead 😀  I’m definitely liking the diversion from the standard R’n’B and hearing them rap is quite refreshing. I predict this track’s gonna blow up and everyone be saying “I Be Up In Mars, I Be Up In Mars, I Be So Fly, I-i-i Can Touch The Stars, I Be Up In Mars, I Be Up In Mars, When You See That SpaceShip, Yup Thats My Car” …you singing it yet? You WILL be once you’ve heard it for sure!

I’m guessing Chris Breezy took this little man under his wing awww how sweet. This boy’s gonna go far; I can see a bright, exciting, and money-making future ahead of him 🙂 …

As for Willow Smith (daughter of Will and Jada Smith if you didn’t know), I actually can not come to terms with the fact that this raw-talented young girl is only 9 years old. I can’t help but think her new song ‘Whip My Hair’ seems way too old for her – like I can hear someone like Keri Hilson dropping this track for her next single with Nicki Minaj on the hook. Or maybe you could think of another line-up? But lets face it the girl has a gift that not many girls her age have. Looking beyond the age thing, I most definitely think that this is one fiery track that will tear the roofs off houses, sheds, cars, and whatever else! Be ready to be amazed 🙂 …