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Rihanna Releases Her Official Video for ‘You Da One’!…

Rihanna finally unveils her sassy new video for her latest single ‘You Da One’, taken from her ‘Talk That Talk’ album. This is definitely Da One I’ve been waiting for as I am craaaazy about this traaack! She has hardly switched things up much in comparison to her previous videos  – apart from the blonde transformation of course – but what more did we really expect??

 I am probably bias seeing as I am completely in love with the quirky number, but I do appreciate the execution of the video, the artistic lyrical graphics and effects, the whole creative aspect of the visual – it’s powerful in that it clearly presents the song’s message in the simplest way, and it enriches the track and sits perfectly with the nature of the song.

Check out the new vid from Da One and only Rihanna


Rihanna Displays Mixed Emotions In ‘We Found Love’ Video…

Rihanna releases her emotionally-lead video for her latest single ‘We Found Love’. Listening to the song alone, I didn’t actually imagine it having such an intense storyline; it doesn’t necessarily compliment the party element of the song but then it certainly does reflect its lyrics, and I fully appreciate that the visual dissects the track to draw focus towards the words of the song.

Throughout the video, we follow Rihanna’s destructive love-life; could this video quite possibly be a reflection of her relationship with a certain Mr Brown? …given that the male actor is quite a replicate of him in his blonde-haired days. Well whatever the influences, this is a great video with massive impact nonetheless.

Ri-Ri might find love in a hopeless place, but she is far from hopeless at finding herself at the top of the charts! Check out the video for the number one single below!

Rihanna Surfaces Her New Single ‘We Found Love’ ft. Calvin Harris

Following on from Rihanna’sLoud’ single ‘Cheers (Drink To That), the singer continues to drop those dance numbers with the revealing of her latest track ‘We Found Love’.

Any artist collaborating with Scottish producer/DJ Calvin Harris is bound to be epic, given that he is no stranger to a hit and knows exactly how to get a party crowd rocking; plus, along with Rihanna’s vocal contribution, this one is sure to be a smasher.

This piece here that Ri-Ri and Harris has created is a track that I instantly found love in and is definitely one to blast on bass-pounding sound systems, and through the loudest speakers!

Listen to the electro-house number below and discover love…in that hopeless place…

[Music Video] Nicki Minaj’s ‘Fly’ Video Finally Lands…

The long-awaited music video for Nicki Minaj’s single ‘Fly’ featuring Rihanna, has finally landed. The video is set on a dramatic plane crash scene where Nicki exhibits her many eccentric outfits, alongside her bestie Ri-Ri. So here’s the thing…I do understand the concept of the video, emphasising the view that the ladies can face any tragic situation, yet still maintain their image and have fight left in them, but I just wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be considering the time it took for the videos official release – plus the amount of millions that was most likely spent on it!

The song is so great in my opinion and was one of the tracks on the rapper’s album ‘Pink Friday’ where the repeat button was constantly in motion, but my view of the visual just doesn’t seem to reflect how amazing the song really is. So as you can imagine, this is not a video I would choose to play more than once, but I’ll of course continue to totally adore the track nonetheless! 🙂

Rihanna’s ‘Cheers’ Video Has Finally Arrived…I’ll ‘Drink To That’!

CHEERS! To the release of Rihanna’s new music video for her single ‘Cheers (Drink To That)‘ – I shall definitely raise a glass to this one! We get up close and personal with the ‘Man Down’ singer as the visual combines clips of her performances during her ‘Loud’ tour, behind the scene clips and footage of her personal moments representing her fun times, and the happy stages in her life thus far. I will never tire of this hot tune as I totally appreciate the feel-good, fun-filled nature, and the chilled out video which appropriately accompanies it.

Check out the new video below, and…

Happy weekend everyone! 😀

Kanye West Drops His Flash New Video For ‘All of the Lights’ ft. Rihanna (and erm, Kid Cudi)…

Kanye West has recently debuted his dazzling new video for ‘All of the Lights’, his latest single taken from his platinum-certified album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy– this is the only video that I’ve watched where I have found myself continuously blinking thereafter……

The Hype Williams-directed video displays colourful flashing lyrics on screen with varying arty effects and designs, clearly emphasising the song’s message. I also loved how near the end of the vid, artists’ names flashed on screen crediting all those who made some contribution to the track. I do love this track and video…A LOT…but after watching the whole screen flash its different colours and the video ended, I could honestly still see the lights flashing before my eyes for a while after, so I guess they’ve succeeded in making us see all of the lights! -though I don’t think anyone was focusing on all those lights when Rihanna popped up on screen…

Watching the video has definitely made me appreciate and love this tune even more than I did before. I’ve not really been a massive fan of Kanye’s releases for a while (sorry) but this one has certainly won back my heart 🙂 I Love. !

Rihanna and Christina Aguilera Receive Over 1000 Complaints for “raunchy” X Factor Performances…

Following the sexually enticing routines from Rihanna and Christina Aguilera on Saturday’s X Factor Finale, both ITV and Ofcom received over 1000 complaints from viewers. They were said to be unhappy with the revealing and suggestive nature of the singers’ performances considering the fact that the talent programme is a family show.

Christina Aguilera’s performance of ‘Express’ wasn’t really to my taste, not that it was bad or I thought that her dancers wearing revealing lingerie was inappropriate – I just didn’t get excited. But she undoubtedly has one of the most incredible voices which she uses so effortlessly. Rihanna definitely heated up the stage with her performance of ‘What’s My Name?’ which I personally enjoyed (not sure about her taste in bikini though). Yes she exposed a lot of skin while she was grinding to her latest single which was maybe not suitable viewing for a family show, but I just saw it as a fun performance which took me right back to the Caribbean – I found it hugely entertaining so I certainly was not one of the many who were complaining!

The entertainers are hardly going to be bothered by a few complaints though as they’re not really doing their careers’ any harm; infact the singers’ “raunchy” X Factor performances positively contributed to both their careers and even boosted the demand for Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour, leading to the addition of two extra concert dates in the UK. So I think they can handle this little negative press they have received don’t you?

The X Factor Finalists’ duets revealed! This will be an Exciting Show… :-)

So the four ‘deserving’ X Factor finalists revealed in a press conference earlier who they will duet with in Saturday’s big finale. This is the part of the competition that I specially love the most and I am always looking forward to so it was great to finally hear which guest artists will be gracing the X Factor stage alongside the contestants this year…

I am particular excited to hear that Matt will duet with Rihanna – I can totally imagine that being an incredible performance! The gorgeous Rebecca will duet with Christina Aguilera who I believe is an amazing vocalist with one of the most powerful voices – a voice that may over-shadow our Rebecca’s? Hmmm. Then we have Cher who will duet with, as expected – looking forward to seeing how that will turn out – It will be extremely good, or really terrible. Lastly we have One Direction who announced that they will duet with Robbie Williams – the fact that the boys felt the need to repeat their duet at the end says it all – that is so dead. But I’m sure the boys will still do well.

But anyways, I am definitely excited about Saturdays X Factor final weekend and watching all of the performances, and of course, finding out who will be crowned the winner of X Factor 2010!

Rihanna Goes Back To Her Roots On Her Upcoming ‘Loud’ Album! :-)

I wanted to feature a couple of my favourite tracks that I’ve heard lately from Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘Loud’ – an album that I’m definitely looking to cop when it’s released on the 16th November!

The first song that I immediately fell for when I first heard was ‘Man Down’. To be honest, my first thought was ‘what is it with Rihanna and guns???’ – First Russian Roulette’s “…So Just Pull The Trigger…” and now “…Oh Mama Mama Mama I Just Shot A Man Down…”. But regardless of that first thought, this track didn’t even need time to grow on me; the tune instantly stuck. I love the fact that she returns to her Caribbean roots, as you can hear from her native tongue flowing perfectly over an appropriate steady reggae melody. It’s funny how ‘Man Down’ is actually quite a dark number according to the deep and emotional lyrics, yet I can’t help but get goose bumps and smile at the same time while I’m listening. The style of the number could easily please and attract the attention of the fans that adored her during her earlier ‘Pon De Replay’ days. So love it or hate it, but she’s paying tribute to her heritage, so deal with it or skip it. But me, Im playing it, playing it and playing it! 😀

‘Cheers’ is my second favourite track that totally lives up to the album’s title. It’s fun, chilled out, and a positive feel-good number to kick off the weekend. It’s clearly a track that was created for the ones who just want to have a good time, be rid of all the stress and put their worries behind them, and I believe this up-beat tune definitely has that effect. The laid-back enunciation in her vocals fit the nature of this track, and in my opinion, this track sounds like an instant hit. 🙂

So I guess I posted this at the right time… “cheers to the freakin’ weekend I drink to that, yeah yeaaah!”