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Alesha Dixon – New single ‘Radio’ – *Video* !

The retro riff, casual melody and smooth vocals create this likeable number which is probably not powerful enough to make a huge impact, but is definitely her saving grace in my opinion considering her previous single ‘Drummer Boy’. For sure, this follow up single ‘Radio’ is a great recovery!

When I first saw the title to Alesha Dixon’s new single I thought it was just going to be another typical ‘I’m in love my radio’ type of track, but I can honestly say that I can totally relate to this one. In this track, Alesha’s singing about turning up the radio to drown out what she doesn’t want to hear. Lyrics like “he can’t break my heart if I can’t hear a word” and “anything to make you forget” describe how music is used as a diversion from certain issues that you don’t want wish to think about, or talk about. – mind you I’m more likely to turn up my stereo rather than my radio – the ad-breaks would be a constant disruption!

The music video is based around a couple who are having an argument, which escalates to the point that a neighborly old woman hears the rows and calls the police – obviously the radio didn’t drown that one out. Evidently the lyrics to the single totally reflect the woman in the video. Also Alesha is appealingly stripped down, the gimmicks are taken away and it’s totally natural and casual video which is real to life.

Vocally, her voice is hardly going to blow your speakers, but the melody – especially the chorus is so infectious and I can definitely hear this one sounding massive live, with one of them sing-a-long chorus’ which always makes for a big hit tune. This relaxed single suits her far more than ‘Drummer Boy’ and is definitely one for the radio!

‘Radio’ is out November 28 with her new album ‘The Entertainer’ out the day after on November 29!


Futuristic Pop from Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj – Check It Out !

Will.I.Am teaming up with Nicki Minaj is a perfect collab in my opinion – they’re both equally creative and unique, and it could be said that Nicki’s ‘Barbie’ image is a perfect fit with this funky electro-pop track. Sampling The Buggles vocals “oh oh” and the synth chords and keyboard riff from “Video Killed the Radio Star” contributes to the bubbly track creating a cheerful melody. Lyrically the track is uncomplicated and not serious, and seems to be purely for fun and entertainment with random lyrics like “I Can’t Believe It, This So Amazing……I Can’t Believe It, This Beat Is Banging…”.

The duo is simply brushing off all their haters. With the Japanese and futuristic theme, and eccentric outfits some would think they’re just laughing in their faces as they’re not taking the haters, or even themselves seriously – they don’t mind looking wacky, or acting silly as despite this they’re still making money and dominating the music scene! This funky party track is totally draped in auto-tune but the robotic vocals works well with the theme of the video, which is full of fun and cheese, and total originality, which Will and Nicki clearly deliver effectively well.

So if you haven’t seen the vid yet…then Check It Out! 😀

Las Morenas Presents…’Caliente’ – London’s Finest Urban Latin Club Night !

The hottest Urban and Latin club night in London returns with their 3rd spicy event of the year…Caliente! For those who don’t already know, CALIENTE means HOT in Spanish, and for the past couple events it’s managed to live up to its title, and intends to surely set its 3rd night totally on fyah! Las Morenas will take you on a fiery flight from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, Cuba to Colombia, Jamaica to the Brazilian favelas, all under one roof – and if that’s not enough spoiling for one night, they have even lined up DJ Jimmy Valencia on the decks along with special guest BBC 1extra’s DJ CJ Beatz, who will both be spinning your hottest tropical flavours from Reggaeton and Salsa to Mambo and Afro-Latin House, shaking it up with your much loved Hip Hop and R&B.

So if you think you’re too Caliente to be staying home on a Saturday night watching The X Factor, then come out and party in true tropical style !

You know it makes sense 😉

For more info go to:

Event: Las Morenas Presents… Caliente

Venue: Clerkenwell House, 23-27 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JJ

Date: Saturday 30th October (this coming Sat !)

Time: 9pm – 2am

Price: £10, guestlist £8 (ladies free before 10.30pm via guestlist –

Dress code: Caliente of course !

See you there 🙂

Willow Smith – ‘Whip My Hair’ official video – a mix of hotness and cuteness!

I remember when I first heard this tune on the radio, and I’ve been awaiting the music video ever since…don’t really know what I was expecting, but I definitely didn’t expect to be this mesmerised!

This impressive video starring the adorable Willow Smith is busting with originality, energy and fun – it’s entertaining, appropriately colourful and bright – just perfect for her age. She also has her own unique image while making fashion statements throughout, like her hair (especially the heart-shape style and candyfloss hair-do), the clothes, the makeup, the NAILS! She definitely proves to be a hot young chick with attitude, but still is able to maintain her cuteness.

You can tell the director, Ray Kay, was full of a number of exciting ideas; especially the creative one of dipping her hair in coloured paint and whipping her hair, splashing some colour in the plain white and dead-out room. I love the way she literally brings the classroom to light and life, exactly what this track would do to any room. The whole theme of the video is totally compatible with the track itself, and lil’ Willow is definitely an inspiration to all the lil’ kids her age. You’ll all be whipping your hair (if you have any) by the end of this video…trust!

Anyone without hair is feeling a little left out right now am I right!?

Here’s a Little Something Uplifting for the Soul…

Following her many affectionate, touching and flawlessly delivered numbers like ‘Happy’, ‘Footsteps in the Sand’, and ‘I Got You’, Leona Lewis records a brand new soulful song entitled ‘I Know Who I Am’ for the Tyler Perry/Janet Jackson movie ‘For Coloured Girls’. This self-empowering track has a warm and comforting tone, and features some very up-lifting and encouraging lyrics like “finally I can feel without fearing, cry without the pain, stand up and love me, without any shame” – words that could give you the strength to walk down any rough road with your head held high. The song proves to be very fitting for the context of the movie which is about the constant struggles that a group of African-American women face in terms of love, neglect, and getting to know themselves within.

Piano-lead ‘I Know Who I Am’ has a sweet and smooth melodic tone at the start, then gradually builds as the emotional nature of the vocals intensifies nearer the end. The 2006 X Factor winner and one of the show’s biggest successes is vocally impeccable on this track, plus the song is accompanied by a gospel choir which strengthens the texture of the sound, and most definitely thickens its sweetness and soul.

Here’s the stunning and meaningful number from the very beautiful and amazingly talented…

Get Your ‘Swagger Right’ For RichGirl…

OK so most people would say that the use of the word ‘swag’ in song titles, and basically in general life has become pretty cliché; Turn My Swag On……Pretty Boy Swag……Swag Back……Swagga Like Us, Swag This Swag That (that’s not a song by the way)……and now Rich Girl have followed in trend by hitting us with ‘Swagger Right‘ – but despite the swag overload, I’m actually quite liking this steady trendy sexy ‘click ya fingas’ kinda track.

In terms of the music video which includes the very much needed contribution of Fabo and Ricky Rozay, the set is so fitting with the song in the sense that they’re able to keep their ‘swagger’ while dancing around a police car (of all cars!). Also considering the not so attractive background area some might say that they effectively make the bad look good. Personally, I don’t think the song is strong enough to become a hit single, but it does try. The track isn’t powerful enough vocally and the beat is far too weak to efficiently carry the girls – it needs to be heavier and much more fierce to compliment the vocals as well as the meaning of the track all together. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this track – some say they’re trying to be the next Destiny’s Child, and that overused word in the title doesn’t do them any favours either, but I must admit I have had this tune stuck on repeat…so let’s see if Rich Girl are any richer after the release of this one…

I–I–I–I–I–I–I–I’m Speechless…

After her overly seductive (and also banned from BET) music video for ‘Riiiiiiide it’, Ciara’s left speechless in her follow up tune produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream. In this smooth, mid-tempo love song, Ciara professes her adoration for her guy – she’d need “another day in the week”, “an extra hour on the clock”, and maybe even extra minutes on this song to show him how beautiful he is…(awww how sweet :-)). Some may say that the steadily riding beat carries her and compliments her vocals, but although her voice is faint and subtle I believe she still manages to uphold the beat, maintaining dominance throughout the track with her gentle, flowing vocals, and soft tone. Considering the context of the song, fierce Beyonce-like vocals aren’t needed or at all necessary – in my opinion, the meaning of the song is delivered perfectly.

Lyrically the track is simplistic, featuring those typical generic love-song type lyrics like “I just wanna make you feel good” and “I wanna be the girl that gives you everything”. However, by saying she’s speechless her uncomplicated lyrics are more meaningful than they seem…she’s so in love that she’s lost for words, hence why her expression is so straightforward – with words like “I wana be wherever you are” and “you’re so good to me”, they’re somewhat effective as she’s just telling it like it is, and it’s coming from the heart. And as for the video – sexy and understated …perfect fit with the actual track I believe 🙂 …

Marsha Ambrosius – “I Hope She Cheats On You With A Basketball Player !!”

Marsha Ambrosius has now gone solo (literally) with this one, as the ½ of Floetry speaks quite frankly about her bad breakup on her 1st single ‘I Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)’, which is taken from her 1st solo album ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ (released on October 26th). While other brokenhearted girls stay home munching on packets of chocolate, eating buckets of ice cream, and sobbing into their pillows day and night, Marsha simply hopes the chick cheat on you…simple…at least she’s being honest – even if it is a little harsh, or in her words ‘just a little bitter’. While some people may wish the best for that person, the ex-Floetry member really begs for the worst, whether it’s a basketball player, even a hockey or rugby player, as long as she cheats on you, then it should be all good.

This upfront and revengeful number features some deep and fierce lyrics complimenting her forceful vocals, with the help of Fabolous and Maino bringing the realist talk, that all blends nicely together and runs well with the sharp-cracking beat. Marsha totally pours her emotions out on this track- her bitterness is apparent and she doesn’t hold back on expressing her deepest feelings. I am personally feeling Marsha’s delivery on this track – some would say it’s empowering for all the lovesick ones, and could be a healer for all the bitter exes hating on the new girl/guy who now owns that heart, that was once yours…

Films of Colour’s spectacular performance @ 93 Feet East

After receiving massive attention from the press, including being named in the Guardian as the ‘New Band of the Day’, being featured in ‘Record of the Day’ and in The Barometer in The Independent – plus a number of other radio and live/TV highlights, Films of Colour put on an exceptional show last night (1st October 2010), hosted by The Playground down at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane.

As the band featuring Andy Clutterbuck (vocals/guitar), James Hatcher (guitar), Jack Allinson (bass/synths), and James Rees (drums) were setting up, the population in the room rapidly increased, all eagerly awaiting the band to perform their brilliant and epic-sounding numbers. There was an electric vibe in the room as the Guildford 4-piece put on an incredible performance; they greatly connected with the crowd to the point that they had them singing along to their new single ‘Actions’ (which you can watch a video of below). Their performance of this track was total quality and extremely engaging – their delivery was impressive and you could easily get lost in the sounds of the melodious synths, whipping guitars and the vigorous attack of the drums, including the heartfelt lyrics which all complement the sensitive and emotionally prominent vocals.

Films of Colour are truly magnificent live and have huge potential to go a very long way in their music career. The band releases their single ‘Actions’ digitally on the 4th October (11TH October 7’’ vinyl) via Label Fandango Records. Although they are often compared with the likes of Delphic and Coldplay, I believe they are the next big thing to enter the indie music scene and mark their own individual stamp on it.

Films of Colour – ‘Actions’

Their upcoming shows include: The Vaults, Derby on October 7, Gatecrasher, Nottingham on October 8, Catch Bar, Shoreditch on October 12, and Moho In The City, Manchester on October 13.