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Cher Lloyd Gets Signed To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label…

I guess there are high hopes for the X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, who has apparently been signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. The rapper who also signed artists such as Lil’ Kim and Willow Smith, admitted that he was impressed by Cher’s X Factor performances. She has constantly been viewed to have brought something fresh and unique to the table, maintained that ‘swagger’ she had shown in her first audition, and was seen to have spiced up the talent show; therefore this incredible news is far from a surprise.

An insider told The Sun newspaper that “Even though Cher didn’t do terrifically well in the X Factor finals, there’s been a hell of a lot of interest in her…All the labels are on the lookout for sassy, young female artists with bags of attitude, and Cher fits that bill perfectly.” Although who has recently recorded a “mega smasher” with the 17-year-old, has been backing the singer since the beginning, he couldn’t possibly compete with the super powers of Jay-Z who has the ability to instantly turn you into a worldwide superstar, boasting a huge money-stacking career.

The insider added, “After weighing up the pros and cons, it was thought that the team at Roc Nation would be best placed to turn her dreams of stardom into a reality.”

She does have that enormous confidence and that star quality, and very much deserves this massive opportunity. She proves that coming fourth in the singing competition isn’t all that bad at all, and I bet she must feel like a winner now! So could 2011 be her year?


Craig David – ‘Dirty Mouth’ …Marks the End of his Career?

I feel like Craig David is like damaged goods at this moment, considering his new release entitled ‘Dirty Mouth’. This cringe-worthy urban/electro track is basically about a girl who regularly has too much to drink, which results in her coming out with such dirty words – hence being labeled as having that ‘dirty mouth’. Listening to this poppy, cheesy-fied crap makes me want to bring out the ‘Born to Do It’ album and play it over and over again, so to forget that this track ever existed. It’s like he has lost all inspiration and doesn’t know what to release anymore. He is essentially vocally talented but then he comes out with this nonsense which totally fails to compliment his voice. I mean where is he going with this one?

I do value him as an artist while I reflect on his past years, but I honestly just see this track as a weak and desperate attempt to produce a ‘hit’. I wish he could bring back that spark he once had in his early years…I just don’t know what he can do now to earn back the respect he once had other than to turn back time.

I must admit…‘Dirty Mouth’ could be seen as moderately enjoyable and is undeniably a track for the clubs, but I personally could not endure this one. It is far from an effective release and hardly ‘mega-hit’ material. I do really like Craig David and I think he does have the ability to resurrect his career, but if he continues to come out with this ish then there’s no hope for an everlasting fruitful music career!

…Still luv ya Craigy!


I watched Alan Carr ‘Chatty Man’ last night and I was surprised to see Cheryl Cole perform her latest single ‘The Flood’…LIVE! This is a track that I instantly adored from first listen and this was the first time I personally saw her perform this single. I must say I hated her acoustic performance of ‘Promise This’ – her voice fails to shine over a stripped down composition, what were they thinking!? Her voice is not bold enough to carry this kind of minimised sound – definitely was not feeling that one AT ALL…but ‘The Flood’ was nice. It was pure and it was decent. It was just refreshing to hear her LIVE vocals rather than hearing the pre-recorded version – she has finally proved that she can ‘sing’ LIVE therefore her critiques can finally rest themselves!

Official Video: ‘Game Over’ Female Takeover – Yep it needed that woman’s touch :-)

Tinchy Stryder’s ‘Game Over’ has been given a makeover with the Female Takeover, featuring Ruff Diamonds, A Dot, Envy, CherrieV, Baby Blue, Roxxxan, Lioness, Mz Brat and Lady Leshurr. The video is just as basic as the original vid (as expected), but the remix itself exposes the UK female talent – considering the fact that the grime scene is mainly dominated by guys, the girls needed to stamp their mark on it and allow people to recognise that the gals are on dis ting just as hard as da mandem! The majority of the track is lyrically impressive, especially the verses delivered by A Dot, Envy and Mz Brat.

This ‘Game Over’ remix is almost equally as brilliant as the original version; they definitely came “better and stronger” than I expected when I first heard about the female version. I could be slightly biased seeing as I love me a bit of girl power, but I believe they have surely proved themselves to have levelled up with some of the male MCs – they’re representing the females and I am totally backing this one! 😀


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Rihanna and Christina Aguilera Receive Over 1000 Complaints for “raunchy” X Factor Performances…

Following the sexually enticing routines from Rihanna and Christina Aguilera on Saturday’s X Factor Finale, both ITV and Ofcom received over 1000 complaints from viewers. They were said to be unhappy with the revealing and suggestive nature of the singers’ performances considering the fact that the talent programme is a family show.

Christina Aguilera’s performance of ‘Express’ wasn’t really to my taste, not that it was bad or I thought that her dancers wearing revealing lingerie was inappropriate – I just didn’t get excited. But she undoubtedly has one of the most incredible voices which she uses so effortlessly. Rihanna definitely heated up the stage with her performance of ‘What’s My Name?’ which I personally enjoyed (not sure about her taste in bikini though). Yes she exposed a lot of skin while she was grinding to her latest single which was maybe not suitable viewing for a family show, but I just saw it as a fun performance which took me right back to the Caribbean – I found it hugely entertaining so I certainly was not one of the many who were complaining!

The entertainers are hardly going to be bothered by a few complaints though as they’re not really doing their careers’ any harm; infact the singers’ “raunchy” X Factor performances positively contributed to both their careers and even boosted the demand for Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour, leading to the addition of two extra concert dates in the UK. So I think they can handle this little negative press they have received don’t you?

The X Factor Finalists’ duets revealed! This will be an Exciting Show… :-)

So the four ‘deserving’ X Factor finalists revealed in a press conference earlier who they will duet with in Saturday’s big finale. This is the part of the competition that I specially love the most and I am always looking forward to so it was great to finally hear which guest artists will be gracing the X Factor stage alongside the contestants this year…

I am particular excited to hear that Matt will duet with Rihanna – I can totally imagine that being an incredible performance! The gorgeous Rebecca will duet with Christina Aguilera who I believe is an amazing vocalist with one of the most powerful voices – a voice that may over-shadow our Rebecca’s? Hmmm. Then we have Cher who will duet with, as expected – looking forward to seeing how that will turn out – It will be extremely good, or really terrible. Lastly we have One Direction who announced that they will duet with Robbie Williams – the fact that the boys felt the need to repeat their duet at the end says it all – that is so dead. But I’m sure the boys will still do well.

But anyways, I am definitely excited about Saturdays X Factor final weekend and watching all of the performances, and of course, finding out who will be crowned the winner of X Factor 2010!

Kandi – ‘Haven’t Loved Right’ Music Video – feeling slightly teary after this one…

Kandi lays down her deepest feelings and pours out her entire heart in this emotional ballad ‘Haven’t Loved Right’, understandably, considering the fact that this moving track is dedicated to the memory of her ex-fiance A.J. Jewell who passed away a year ago. The song’s lyrics feature pure honesty and emotion that are passionately delivered by the singer. Her vulnerability is apparent and you can truly feel her pain.

Kandi looks stylishly beautiful in her music video, standing out from the plain black background wearing a gorgeous, rich purple tube dress – the video may be a simple and understated, but it is perfect in that it solely focuses on her, explaining her difficulty in moving on with her life. A modest video is all this track needs as it effectively expresses the personal and meaningful nature of the song.

All I’m thinking in the end is…where has Kandi been hiding all this time with her wondrous voice and impeccable vocals!? Well I’m glad she’s back, and if this track doesn’t make you pay the utmost attention to your loved one, then I don’t know what will.

I really hope she does well with her new album ‘Kandi Koated’ which is released December 14th. 🙂

Hot New Promo Shot for Alexandra Burke and JLS Joint Clothing Line – 2KX Clothing !

The successors of X factor 2008 Alexandra Burke and JLS have come together to launch a joint clothing line 2KX Clothing. I absolutely love the stylish promotional shoot above, and I think this is a clever business move for the guys – they are two of the most successful and personally two of my favourite acts that have come out of the talent show. This is quite an exciting partnership and I can’t wait to see what designs they create for their 2KX fashion range that will be available in stores in Spring 2011!

To celebrate this fantastic collaboration, they’ve designed a T-shirt which is in aid of the Help a London Child Christmas Appeal which you can view and purchase by clicking the link below the image…

Shy FX – ‘Raver’ ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor: Music Video !

This genius drum ‘n’ bass production from Shy FX entitled ‘Raver’ is the new debut single from his forthcoming album ‘Larger Than Life’, which is due for release in 2011. The track features Kano and Donae’o on lead vocals which is clearly an ideal collaboration – Donae’o is a perfect contributor to this up-tempo party anthem, with him musically being one of the hottest leaders of all raves due to his massive funky house hits like ‘Party Hard’ and ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’. Plus, I LOVE Kano’s flow on this track; this is where he belongs – this is his sound which he is well suited to and both he and Donae’o are effective in making this track a potential hit.

Everything just works, even the transition from d’n’b to the carnival mix. ‘Raver’ is definitely suitable for this party season and it is surely one that will really heat you up for this frosty winter time.  The music video is so complimentary of the track, it’s very fitting and appropriate. I am totally feeling this one from beginning to end and I really can’t imagine any bums left on seats when this anthem comes on in the clubs!

This track will be on every DJs playlist for sure…check out the massive club hit which I believe will be a future massive club classic! 🙂

Keri Hilson (ft. Rick Ross) – ‘The Way You Love Me’: Music Video – from Pretty Girl Rock…to this…

I don’t know what to say about Keri Hilson’s over-sexualised new single/music video ‘The Way You Love Me’… I honestly see this as a desperate attempt to sell more records…or more like sell herself! I’m so disappointed man because she was really high on my list of artists that I’m totally feeling right now, I mean I’ve not long put up a positive post for her ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ song which I absolutely love…but this explicit number is quite a let down in my opinion.

We all know that sex sells, but I believe she looks perfectly stunning in her previous vids so there was no need for her to take it to this level, producing a track with lyrics like “F**k Me, F**k Me It’s The Way You F**k Me” and “I Got That Kinda Pussy That’ll Keep You Off The Streets”. She can usually be sexy without trying so hard which was always so appealing about her. But this track as well as the accompanied video is so cheap, trashy and degrading, and just looks like she is trying to be something that she’s not.

This is some alter-ego business, some next Keri ting…although I’ll still probably end up buying her album despite this fail number…sorry Keri, but I’d much prefer the pretty girl to the tacky girl.