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Video: ‘Move Your Body’ For Beyonce !

Beyonce turns dance instructor in her new fun and motivational video for ‘Move Your Body’, the Melina-directed video created in aid of the ‘Let’s Move! Flash Workout’ campaign.

The singer re-records and alters the lyrics to her highly energetic ‘Get Me Bodied’, which I believe is an appropriately great song choice seeing as the track was originally a workout session in itself! It’s also cool how snippets of different genres like Salsa and Dancehall were thrown in the mix!

The video includes Beyonce engaging with the youth through dance in the school cafeteria, demonstrating how useful dance is in shifting that unnecessary and unwanted weight, and keeping healthy and fit. I guess the significantly active star is the perfect artist to inspire young kids to move their bodies!

Supported by First Lady Michelle Obama, this project was introduced to encourage youth to exercise in order to prevent obesity in young children – so follow this cause and check out B’s ‘workout’ video below! 🙂


Beyonce Tells Us How ‘Girls…Run The World’ In Her New Single !

It’s very typical of Beyonce to write a track for the females, but are we complaining? …Of course not!

The extremely missed global superstar steps back on the music scene with her new single Run The World (Girls), taken from her enormously anticipated fourth album. Beyonce’s signature commanding vocals run through this female empowerment number, as she sing-raps over the military beat. I really do absolutely LOVE this track – the vocal arrangement is very busy but extremely contagious!

This has to be every girl’s anthem right!

I’m looking forward to the release of the music video – Bey constantly pleases with her electric performances so I’m guessing her video will be at the highest standard with this one – can’t wait to see her in action!

Only she could get away with this track because let’s face it – she runs this mutha! So move over amateurs…………Beyonce’s back! 🙂

Listen below!

Jessie J’s in Wonderland for her ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Video…

Jessie J adopts an Alice in Wonderland theme for the video in support of her third single, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’.

Once again, the singer has produced a music video featuring more eccentric figures and numerous different faces……of Jessie! I must admit I do love the quirkiness, creativity, and unpredictability she portrays in her videos; however after releasing two ingenious videos, I thought that she might just go a little easy on this one but she went even further into OTT mode. For me, it’s a fantastic video in theory but watching it I felt there was too much going on all at once – Jessie J playing a million different characters with the camera flashing from Jessie 1 through to Jessie 6, all in the space of 5 seconds!

The lyrics are hugely powerful and I feel as if the video took over, slightly overshadowing the meaning of the song.

LOVE Jessie…LOVE ‘Who You Are’ album…LOVE ‘Nobody’s Perfect’…but not hot on the video. I really appreciate her originality but would have loved her to strip it back a little…for this track.

Britney Spears Jumps on Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ for the remix …hmmmm…

Britney Spears joins Rihanna for the remix for ‘S&M’, the sensuous single taken from her ‘Loud’ album. Well all I can say is Britney did not gel well with this song at all…I mean she makes the Bajan chick sound phenomenal! She completely destroyed this track me thinks. I wasn’t that into it before, but now I have been totally turned off. Britney’s vocals are incredibly poor and to be honest didn’t understand the excitement surrounding their upcoming remix – was it really expected to be EPIC?

I don’t believe that the pair work as a collaboration – not on this track anyway. Brit’s voice is just not right for this song as Rihanna has that boldness and power in her tone that this type of track requires, and Britney Bitch just doesn’t cut it. Soz 🙂

Take a listen to the ‘Rhimix’ below and form your own opinion!

Katy Perry Is Out Of This World In ‘E.T.’ Video…

Katy Perry’s latest video for her single ‘E.T.’ featuring Kanye West finally lands on earth for all to be amazed – her fourth No. 1 single on Billboard Hot 100 off of her Teenage Dream album. I imagined that this Floria Sigismondi-directed video was going to be epic after hearing the excellently-produced track, and gladly, it didn’t disappoint.

The singer created her very own mini E.T. movie that perfectly reflected the lyrics of the song. Although I could sense what the visual was going to be like and the effects it would entail after checking out the video stills, this didn’t reduce the impact it had from my first official viewing – the graphics and fantasy-like imagery were just as captivating as I expected it would be, only more of course!

The whole track altogether surely has abducted my heart … I love 🙂 Check out the supernatural video behind the awesome and well deserved no1 single…

New Music: Jennifer Lopez – ‘I’m Into You’ ft. Lil Wayne…

Following Jennifer Lopez’s previous single ‘On The Floor’, the singer slows things down a little with her island-tinged track entitled ‘I’m Into You’, featuring Lil Wayne. In my opinion this song is far better than her first single, and undeniably features an even better rap artist! I didn’t really have high hopes for her come-back career before but this is what I call a reviving track – a simple chorus that will stick to you – repetitive – therefore perfect to smash the charts these days.

Plus, J-Lo knows how to heighten a track’s temperature with a sizzling video accompaniment so I am fairly sure this track has the ability to hit the hot spot. I’m not considering buying her ‘Love?’ album as of yet, but ‘I’m Into You’ would make for a great second single. Take a listen below…

Mindless Behaviour – ‘My Girl (remix)’ ft. Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist

The Quartet who goes by the name of Mindless Behaviour, is Interscopes fresh group to burst onto the music scene. They recently released their music video for their single ‘My Girl – the remix – the infectious melodic production that instantly worked its way to my heart and put a great big smile on my face :-D. The spirited 13-year-old youngsters who are all both adorable and armed with swagger surely know how to make a cute track non-corny, with a little help from Tyga, Lil Twist and Ciara of course.

I love young talent! So refreshing 🙂 Check out Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton, collectively known as MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR in their video below…