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Rickstar Unveils His Funky Video For His Classy New Single ‘Hanging On (Let Go)’!

Following his previous single ‘Beat Of My Heart‘, Rickstar, a 21 year old singer/songwriter from London drops another smashing number entitled ‘Hanging On (Let Go)’, taken from his terrific EP Vintage Soul, Modern Mind. The track itself adopts the nature of the 60s, modernised to create a funky fresh sound. The combination of the famous Motown flavour with a modern touch forms this brilliantly easygoing song, with addictive vocals and an infectious melody – a track you are bound to catch yourself subconsciously humming down the street!

The accompanied captivating music video is equally epic; the visual is quirky yet slick and stylish, and Rickstar is undeniably an entertaining trendsetter – he is most certainly able to keep us hanging on to his every word with a hit as gripping as this!

Check out the funky video below, and support the phenomenal Rickstar by downloading his Vintage Soul, Modern Mind’ 8-track EP by clicking here!