Lady Gaga MARRYS THE NIGHT In Her Longest Music Video Ever Made…

Now the thing is…I really do like Lady Gaga. She has a brilliant voice, huge talent and a wonderful personality, but this music video for her latest single ‘Marry The Night‘ has left my heart disputing with my head; my heart believes that she’s totally awesome……but my head believes that she is officially deranged.

When I noticed that I was about to watch a 14 minute-long video, I was optimistically intrigued, but that was honestly precisely 13:51mins of complete nonsense!!! I guess I could never deny the fact that she is totally living up to her stage name!

I understand that the visual is representative of her past, but it was just uninteresting to view, it had no life, a bore to watch, and I have no words to offer on the final scene…

We all know that the unique superstar is outrageous/wacky/eccentric/plus any other nutty-related terms, but this was on a whole new Gaga level. The only part that just about sparked my interest was the dance routine – but overall, to put it plainly…I just didn’t like it.

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