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[Video] X Factor Final Press Conference and Duets Revealed!…

The X Factor final Press Conference which took place yesterday, revealed all the exciting plans for this weekend’s X Factor final at Wembley Arena!

The one aspect of the final I tend to look forward to the most each year is the duets – but this year it is set to be an all new format. Instead of the finalists performing a duet with various artists, this time they will be performing with their own mentors! So no pressure Gary, Kelly and Tulisa! Ironically I think it’s the judges that are going to be judged – a taste of their own damn medicine – and it would surely be shameful if they get upstaged by the amateurs! (hehehe)

So which songs will the duets be performing…

Well Gary has confirmed that he and Marcus will be singing Billy Joel’sAlways A Woman’ which is said to be dedicated to the finalist’s mum. (They’re gonna shut it DOWN!)

Tulisa and her “little muffins” will be performing a mash-up of Alicia Key’sEmpire State Of Mind’ and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. (Yep they’re sure to bring the house DOWN with that one).

And finally, Amelia Lily and Kelly Rowland will be performing Ike and Tina Turner’s classic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ – and in the words of Kelly Rowland, they’re gonna “put it DOWN!”.

So can comeback kid Amelia Lily take the winner’s crown? Can cutie Marcus steal even more of the viewers’ hearts and become the X Factor champion? Can Little Mix win the competition and make X Factor history!?

And to top off the weekend’s events, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Leona Lewis, One Direction and JLS will be gracing the stages on Sunday night! I for one cannot WAIT for the phenomenon that is the X Factor final to commence!


*Updated with Official Video* Cher Lloyd’s Debut Single ‘Swagger Jagger’ Leaks!…

So Cher Lloyd has named her debut single… ‘Swagger…….Jagger’?

It’s a shame that her new song has been slated since it was leaked online, but I guess she is asking for major criticism with an inane title like that! We can’t deny that the song’s context was so expected of the singer – it’s hardly surprising for her to come out with a swag-related number considering she won over the X Factor audience with her rendition of Keri Hilson’s ‘Turn My Swag On’, at her audition in 2010.

I do find the nursery-rhyme-ish chorus extremely cringy; it really does sound like a hook made up by a bunch of school kids in the playground, yet it is very infectious! – which does actually make for a great hit these days. The song’s a grower and I do think it has potential for chart success, yet I will still never…EVER accept that dumb title…Swagger Jagger!??  :-/

Check out the track below and voice your opinion!

Emerging UK TALENT! : Miss Baby Sol’s EP Launch Party at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen…

I went to a gig on Monday at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen to watch an amazing performance by an incredibly talented artist, who goes by the name of Miss Baby Sol. I had a listen to a few of her tracks beforehand that I really took to, but I hadn’t really a clue what to expect when I planned to see her perform live – now I can safely say that I honestly witnessed true star quality as the singer/songwriter totally ignited the room with her GORGEOUS image and outstanding performances. The way she owned that stage and had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand was unbelievable.

Her performance with Lazy Habits was pure excellence, plus Baby Sol also performed a gorgeous love song with John Adeleye – two brilliant performances that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I loved listening to her tracks at home, watching her perform those same tracks live had a much stronger impact as I could tell that she meant every word that she sang – her lyrics were believable, and that’s one of the things that made her show so powerful. So as you could probably guess, I am now a fan…she has inspired me 🙂

You can check out some of the footage from Baby Sol’s launch party below! If you like, then you can buy her debut EP ‘Before I Begin (The Journey)’ by clicking here.

Cher Lloyd Gets Signed To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label…

I guess there are high hopes for the X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, who has apparently been signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. The rapper who also signed artists such as Lil’ Kim and Willow Smith, admitted that he was impressed by Cher’s X Factor performances. She has constantly been viewed to have brought something fresh and unique to the table, maintained that ‘swagger’ she had shown in her first audition, and was seen to have spiced up the talent show; therefore this incredible news is far from a surprise.

An insider told The Sun newspaper that “Even though Cher didn’t do terrifically well in the X Factor finals, there’s been a hell of a lot of interest in her…All the labels are on the lookout for sassy, young female artists with bags of attitude, and Cher fits that bill perfectly.” Although who has recently recorded a “mega smasher” with the 17-year-old, has been backing the singer since the beginning, he couldn’t possibly compete with the super powers of Jay-Z who has the ability to instantly turn you into a worldwide superstar, boasting a huge money-stacking career.

The insider added, “After weighing up the pros and cons, it was thought that the team at Roc Nation would be best placed to turn her dreams of stardom into a reality.”

She does have that enormous confidence and that star quality, and very much deserves this massive opportunity. She proves that coming fourth in the singing competition isn’t all that bad at all, and I bet she must feel like a winner now! So could 2011 be her year?

Rihanna and Christina Aguilera Receive Over 1000 Complaints for “raunchy” X Factor Performances…

Following the sexually enticing routines from Rihanna and Christina Aguilera on Saturday’s X Factor Finale, both ITV and Ofcom received over 1000 complaints from viewers. They were said to be unhappy with the revealing and suggestive nature of the singers’ performances considering the fact that the talent programme is a family show.

Christina Aguilera’s performance of ‘Express’ wasn’t really to my taste, not that it was bad or I thought that her dancers wearing revealing lingerie was inappropriate – I just didn’t get excited. But she undoubtedly has one of the most incredible voices which she uses so effortlessly. Rihanna definitely heated up the stage with her performance of ‘What’s My Name?’ which I personally enjoyed (not sure about her taste in bikini though). Yes she exposed a lot of skin while she was grinding to her latest single which was maybe not suitable viewing for a family show, but I just saw it as a fun performance which took me right back to the Caribbean – I found it hugely entertaining so I certainly was not one of the many who were complaining!

The entertainers are hardly going to be bothered by a few complaints though as they’re not really doing their careers’ any harm; infact the singers’ “raunchy” X Factor performances positively contributed to both their careers and even boosted the demand for Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour, leading to the addition of two extra concert dates in the UK. So I think they can handle this little negative press they have received don’t you?

The X Factor Finalists’ duets revealed! This will be an Exciting Show… :-)

So the four ‘deserving’ X Factor finalists revealed in a press conference earlier who they will duet with in Saturday’s big finale. This is the part of the competition that I specially love the most and I am always looking forward to so it was great to finally hear which guest artists will be gracing the X Factor stage alongside the contestants this year…

I am particular excited to hear that Matt will duet with Rihanna – I can totally imagine that being an incredible performance! The gorgeous Rebecca will duet with Christina Aguilera who I believe is an amazing vocalist with one of the most powerful voices – a voice that may over-shadow our Rebecca’s? Hmmm. Then we have Cher who will duet with, as expected – looking forward to seeing how that will turn out – It will be extremely good, or really terrible. Lastly we have One Direction who announced that they will duet with Robbie Williams – the fact that the boys felt the need to repeat their duet at the end says it all – that is so dead. But I’m sure the boys will still do well.

But anyways, I am definitely excited about Saturdays X Factor final weekend and watching all of the performances, and of course, finding out who will be crowned the winner of X Factor 2010!

Hot New Promo Shot for Alexandra Burke and JLS Joint Clothing Line – 2KX Clothing !

The successors of X factor 2008 Alexandra Burke and JLS have come together to launch a joint clothing line 2KX Clothing. I absolutely love the stylish promotional shoot above, and I think this is a clever business move for the guys – they are two of the most successful and personally two of my favourite acts that have come out of the talent show. This is quite an exciting partnership and I can’t wait to see what designs they create for their 2KX fashion range that will be available in stores in Spring 2011!

To celebrate this fantastic collaboration, they’ve designed a T-shirt which is in aid of the Help a London Child Christmas Appeal which you can view and purchase by clicking the link below the image…

Cheryl Cole Pours Out Her Heart In ‘The Flood’: Music Video

I’ve never really been ‘impressed’ by anything Cheryl Cole’s come up with musically since her first solo single ‘Fight For This Love’, but I’m instantly drawn to the purity and naturalness of her new one entitled ‘The Flood’ – I really like this cute little ballad :-). Her voice really suits the track well – it’s probably the best she’s sounded on anything. The track is metaphorically epic and even gets me feeling all emotional with lyrics like “…Sitting At The Shore All Day, Waiting On The Tide To Come”, “…My Tears That Fill The Ocean”, “…Natural Disaster Love” …*sniff*…

The music video is moderately boring, slightly depressing, though it totally fits with the emotive lyrics. I think if she put more emotion in her ‘acting’ she would have made more of an impact instead of rolling around in an all-white bed and blowing out matches. But I do really wish I had that kind of getaway – beach house looking over the ocean…that just looks so peaceful and comforting…

Considering the fact that Ms Cole’s got the X factor machine behind her, the track will inevitably go straight to number one. She may hack me off at times, but I do really like this Cheryl 🙂

Here’s a Little Something Uplifting for the Soul…

Following her many affectionate, touching and flawlessly delivered numbers like ‘Happy’, ‘Footsteps in the Sand’, and ‘I Got You’, Leona Lewis records a brand new soulful song entitled ‘I Know Who I Am’ for the Tyler Perry/Janet Jackson movie ‘For Coloured Girls’. This self-empowering track has a warm and comforting tone, and features some very up-lifting and encouraging lyrics like “finally I can feel without fearing, cry without the pain, stand up and love me, without any shame” – words that could give you the strength to walk down any rough road with your head held high. The song proves to be very fitting for the context of the movie which is about the constant struggles that a group of African-American women face in terms of love, neglect, and getting to know themselves within.

Piano-lead ‘I Know Who I Am’ has a sweet and smooth melodic tone at the start, then gradually builds as the emotional nature of the vocals intensifies nearer the end. The 2006 X Factor winner and one of the show’s biggest successes is vocally impeccable on this track, plus the song is accompanied by a gospel choir which strengthens the texture of the sound, and most definitely thickens its sweetness and soul.

Here’s the stunning and meaningful number from the very beautiful and amazingly talented…

Alexandra Burke – ‘Start Without You’ Music Video (or workout video?)

Since winning the X Factor, her soulful voice behind the soft ballads that more or less won her the show seemed to have been swept under the carpet, as recently she’s just been knocking out them fun and vivacious epic tracks which lets face it, she pulls off exceptionally well!  Well she’s back with another danceable number ‘Start Without You’ with a touch of reggae flavour and a hint of Caribbean spice…shame about the video though 😦 .The work-out session is just a bit too cringy and unnecessary. While Alex is “drip-dropping way down low”, the guys are lifting weights and doing handstands; while she’s singing about getting on the dance floor they’re all up in the gym…??? That just doesn’t make any sense to me, but other than them random scenes I think the video’s great! However I watched the making of the video which I was totally feeling but it is completely different to the official vid. Why? I feel so cheated. (Check it out below)

Anyway putting the video aside and merely focusing on the track itself, at first I thought this one was going to annoy the crap out of me, but it is so catchy and irritatingly addictive…whether you like it or not, no matter how hard you try to shake it off, it’s likely to stick with you like the grudge. I sense that this one is going to be another chart-topper 😀 …

…And here’s the making of the video…not associated with the one above, obviously…