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Cheryl Cole Pours Out Her Heart In ‘The Flood’: Music Video

I’ve never really been ‘impressed’ by anything Cheryl Cole’s come up with musically since her first solo single ‘Fight For This Love’, but I’m instantly drawn to the purity and naturalness of her new one entitled ‘The Flood’ – I really like this cute little ballad :-). Her voice really suits the track well – it’s probably the best she’s sounded on anything. The track is metaphorically epic and even gets me feeling all emotional with lyrics like “…Sitting At The Shore All Day, Waiting On The Tide To Come”, “…My Tears That Fill The Ocean”, “…Natural Disaster Love” …*sniff*…

The music video is moderately boring, slightly depressing, though it totally fits with the emotive lyrics. I think if she put more emotion in her ‘acting’ she would have made more of an impact instead of rolling around in an all-white bed and blowing out matches. But I do really wish I had that kind of getaway – beach house looking over the ocean…that just looks so peaceful and comforting…

Considering the fact that Ms Cole’s got the X factor machine behind her, the track will inevitably go straight to number one. She may hack me off at times, but I do really like this Cheryl 🙂


Soulja Boy – ”Speakers Going Hammer” Video – He’s a bit like Marmite I guess :-/

It pains me to say that Soulja Boy’s new single ‘Speakers Going Hammer’ is annoyingly catchy – I hate that it’s so stuck in my head that I find myself walking down the street ‘singing’ “Speakers Going Hammerrrr…Bammer Bammer Bammerrrrrr”……arrrrrrgggghh !! He just makes me laugh ‘cos I can so relate to this one TO AN EXTENT – I myself appreciate my speakers at the highest possible level until they’re going “bammer bammer bammerrrr”, and not gonna lie, they’re the kinda speakers I would certainly LOVE in my trunk! 😀

The music video is averagely humorous…it begins with a peaceful and content neighbourhood with the residents running their day-to-day lives, when suddenly a coloured image from afar is spotted, followed by a multicoloured line of classic cars containing the baddest speakers, instantly bringing life and colour to the black and white neighbourhood and practically disturbing the peace!

I am yet to view him as a serious artist though, as I don’t really feel he has developed musically since his first album. I’m not sure if I genuinely LIKE this tune – it’s FUNNY…I do LAUGH (a little)…and that’s it – my appreciation of this track shall not go any further. Nevertheless, he must be doing something right if he’s still able to hit us with tracks like this and still make it rich! (Plus…he is cute :-)) So good on him!

‘Pretty Girl’ Keri Hilson, and Kanye West ‘Rock’ to the Remix !

I know I’ve already featured Keri’s new single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, but because I love it so much I thought I’d also put up the remix featuring Kanye West! Well you must admit he is well suited to this track, you know, a song about loving yourself – the whole conceited and egotistical nature of the number is so……well……Kanye ! I totally love it all the same. He never fails to add that little extra spice to a track like he did with Beyonce’s Ego (another song that was a certain reflection of himself!) Check out the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ remix below 🙂 …

Kelis Stands Alone in her ‘Brave’ Video…

So Kelis is back with her new single entitled ‘Brave’ taken from her recent album ‘Flesh Tone’, in which she sings about finding her inner strength and power and becoming a ‘brave heart’, which she most certainly is. BUT…in this emotionally raw number the singer may be ‘super strong’ however this video is super super weak! I mean I do usually appreciate simplicity in music videos in an attempt to put the main focus on the music and the lyrics, but for an upbeat and positive tune like this one the vid doesn’t seem to really compliment it at all. Although on a more positive note she does looks absolutely stunning! (and I like when camera moves with the beat :-)).

I honestly expected some sort of transition by at least the second verse…I sat there watching……waiting……but it never happened… *disappointed*. But I guess on the other hand I do understand the concept of the video; with Kelis standing there alone being the total focus of the video does represent her bravery – plus I do love the track itself but it just would have been great if it was supported by a much more interesting music video!

Don’t Worry B.O.B. I Won’t Let You Fall xXx

Hip Hop artist B.O.B. raps about his journey towards his musical success in his new single ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’, which is taken from his debut album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. I so love when a song covers me with goosebumps which this one certainly did with its deep and meaningful lyrics; plus, that is one infectious chorus, where he sings “It Was Just A Dream, Just A Moment Ago…What Goes Up Must Come Down But Don’t Let Me Fall” – he basically doesn’t want to go back down to where it was all just a dream to him, he wants to remain at the top – and so he should too! I must also say he has got a really nice singing voice! Them soothing vocals surely touched my soft spot.

As for the music video, it appropriately features his past performances and effectively describes the whole context of the track, reflecting on his success so far. So with this artistic vid and genuine track, his incredible songwriting and impeccable flow, he undoubtedly has a creative head on his shoulders. I guess he could be addressing his fans when he says to not let him fall, which demonstrates some sort of vulnerability, which is quite appealing…

…so don’t worry Bobby, I won’t let you fall 🙂

Beyonce ‘Heat’ Commercial Banned – Apparently Too Hot for the Kids!

So the recently released ‘Heat’ perfume ad by Beyonce has been banned from daytime TV! It features the singer dancing seductively in a revealing red dress which has been said to be too provocative to be shown on TV before 7.30pm. In my opinion this is nothing compared to her concerts where there’s always kids. I believe that if it was any random person behaving the same way in a perfume commercial I don’t think it would have mattered as much – and quite frankly I think this ad is more like selling Beyonce than her perfume. Still the ad has a great concept for the theme of the ‘Heat’ perfume and to be honest I personally don’t think the commercial is THAT bad – but I suppose I do understand where the complaining parents are coming from and their concern for their kids. What’s your views?

Keri Hilson: ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ Music Video – this is my theme tune ;-)

Following Soulja Boy’s ‘Pretty Boy Swag’, we now have one for the ladies which is ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ from Keri Hilson, whose description is most definitely in the title. This is undeniably a hot new tune taken from the singer’s upcoming album ‘No Boys Allowed’ (out December 21st), attractively delivered by Miss Hilson, in which she basically emphasises her beauty to the highest degree. This track may be conceited, but I’d be surprised if this ain’t chosen as the soundtrack to a lot of girl’s lives!

I think that the music video is one of the best and most original videos she has ever made. It’s cute, fun, inventive, full of creativity and a joy to watch. What’s so appealing is the descriptive nature of the video; Keri pays tribute to all the beautiful females by travelling through the decades, posing as particular famous women. Personally I love her imitation of T-Boz from TLC the most – that impersonation couldn’t have been any more on point!

I think that she could be sending a personal message out there with this track, as I find it hard to believe that she’s just created this track with no personal attachment to its lyrics – but nonetheless it’s for sure one of my favourite tracks to date! I was easily drawn in to this tune when I first heard it, and I am over pleased that there’s now a complimentary video to accompany this addictive single. The track and the video are equally likable and entertaining, and I hope you think so too! Hopefully this track will rock to the top of the charts! 🙂

A few of my favourite lyrics: “Don’t Hate Me Cos I’m Beautiful”, “Get Yourself Together Don’t Hate, Jealousy’s The Ugliest Trait”, “Mad Cos I’m Cuter Than The Girl That’s Richer”, and obviously “Do The Pretty Girl Rock!”

Rihanna Goes Back To Her Roots On Her Upcoming ‘Loud’ Album! :-)

I wanted to feature a couple of my favourite tracks that I’ve heard lately from Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘Loud’ – an album that I’m definitely looking to cop when it’s released on the 16th November!

The first song that I immediately fell for when I first heard was ‘Man Down’. To be honest, my first thought was ‘what is it with Rihanna and guns???’ – First Russian Roulette’s “…So Just Pull The Trigger…” and now “…Oh Mama Mama Mama I Just Shot A Man Down…”. But regardless of that first thought, this track didn’t even need time to grow on me; the tune instantly stuck. I love the fact that she returns to her Caribbean roots, as you can hear from her native tongue flowing perfectly over an appropriate steady reggae melody. It’s funny how ‘Man Down’ is actually quite a dark number according to the deep and emotional lyrics, yet I can’t help but get goose bumps and smile at the same time while I’m listening. The style of the number could easily please and attract the attention of the fans that adored her during her earlier ‘Pon De Replay’ days. So love it or hate it, but she’s paying tribute to her heritage, so deal with it or skip it. But me, Im playing it, playing it and playing it! 😀

‘Cheers’ is my second favourite track that totally lives up to the album’s title. It’s fun, chilled out, and a positive feel-good number to kick off the weekend. It’s clearly a track that was created for the ones who just want to have a good time, be rid of all the stress and put their worries behind them, and I believe this up-beat tune definitely has that effect. The laid-back enunciation in her vocals fit the nature of this track, and in my opinion, this track sounds like an instant hit. 🙂

So I guess I posted this at the right time… “cheers to the freakin’ weekend I drink to that, yeah yeaaah!”

Fantasia – ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ Music Video (with a few products thrown in for promotion!)

Fantasia’s latest single ‘I’m Doin’ Me’ is quite a feel good and empowering number which is clearly one for the ladies. I personally appreciate the positivity in the lyrics; reflecting the title of the song, Fantasia sings “I’m doin’ me, this time around, I’m doin’ Me, Don’t Need You Now, I Rather Be By Myself, I Won’t Let Your Drama Hold Me Down” – basically implying that she doesn’t need a man to be happy as she is living her life and is fine all by herself. Well, good for her! The track is quite unoriginal, nothing new really, but who cares! She’s singing it for herself and all the other women out there who need to gain some confidence and release their inner independence, and that will always be a positive message to send out.

In terms of the music video, firstly I would like to point out a few irrelevant clips that the camera focused on, which made me wonder are these clips just for advertising purposes? Although, this video isn’t a full blown commercial like Lady Gaga’s Telephone vid, featuring Virgin Mobile, Diet Coke, etc, here are the products that were subtly dropped in to Fantasia’s video…

Car make Ford, Edge…plus fancy-looking rims (1:59 – 2:02)

Also, after a few more viewings of the music video, I eventually clocked this…

At the very start of the video, Hector’s Café and Diner is also getting promoted, featuring clips of the building, as well as the food it serves; very appetizing despite the lack of ketchup in the hotdog roll!

Anyways, apart from all of that, I think the video in general is quite boring, but at least it does fit with the context I suppose. I’m guessing the storyline is that she sees her ex guy on a ‘date’ with another girl which sets her off into her song, and eventually leads to her and almost everyone else in Hector’s Café dancing around the chairs and tables. But seriously, the one thing I would definitely change about this video is I would take them rollers out her hair and tell her to remove those braces – I know your doin’ you sista but that’s just over ‘doin’’ it a little! Yea sure you don’t need a man but that don’t mean you gotta put them all off woman!

But other than that, I know this song is personal to her as it reflects her own life and how she has chosen to deal with her struggles – plus she looks rather happy and I guess the lyrics to this tune will make other woman who has been in similar situations feel a lot happier too 🙂


‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD Trailer – By One of the Best Performers Alive !

It’s been over a year since Beyoncé graced the stage of The O2 Arena with her remarkable presence, and although this concert took place a while ago, I can still remember the electic atmosphere filled with excited fans (including myself!) eagerly waiting to be undoubtedly entertained.

At long last, the incredibly talented megastar releases the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD which includes a live audio CD of the concert, a documentary of the tour, and exclusive photos packed in a 40-page book.  The DVD which will be available worldwide on 30th November, was produced, directed and edited in order to create the ultimate viewing experience, featuring footage from her vast number of shows around the world. Many would agree that Beyoncé is commendable for the work and effort she puts in to her tour for it to be a huge success – so even if you’ve already been to the phenomenal ‘I Am…’ concert (like me!), I’m sure you may want to replay her performances over again and relive the over-whelming experience!

So here’s the official trailer for the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD. As Beyoncé would say… “Are you ready to be entertaaaaaaaained?!”