[Video] X Factor Final Press Conference and Duets Revealed!…

The X Factor final Press Conference which took place yesterday, revealed all the exciting plans for this weekend’s X Factor final at Wembley Arena!

The one aspect of the final I tend to look forward to the most each year is the duets – but this year it is set to be an all new format. Instead of the finalists performing a duet with various artists, this time they will be performing with their own mentors! So no pressure Gary, Kelly and Tulisa! Ironically I think it’s the judges that are going to be judged – a taste of their own damn medicine – and it would surely be shameful if they get upstaged by the amateurs! (hehehe)

So which songs will the duets be performing…

Well Gary has confirmed that he and Marcus will be singing Billy Joel’sAlways A Woman’ which is said to be dedicated to the finalist’s mum. (They’re gonna shut it DOWN!)

Tulisa and her “little muffins” will be performing a mash-up of Alicia Key’sEmpire State Of Mind’ and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. (Yep they’re sure to bring the house DOWN with that one).

And finally, Amelia Lily and Kelly Rowland will be performing Ike and Tina Turner’s classic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ – and in the words of Kelly Rowland, they’re gonna “put it DOWN!”.

So can comeback kid Amelia Lily take the winner’s crown? Can cutie Marcus steal even more of the viewers’ hearts and become the X Factor champion? Can Little Mix win the competition and make X Factor history!?

And to top off the weekend’s events, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Leona Lewis, One Direction and JLS will be gracing the stages on Sunday night! I for one cannot WAIT for the phenomenon that is the X Factor final to commence!



We did it last week, and we can do it AGAIN! Vote vote VOTE to take the most talented Miss Misha B through to the penultimate stage of the competition!

Viewers are once again trying to bring her down by complaining that she was only saved by the public because of her “sob story” concerning her mother, who gave her up as a child and recently tried to get in touch with Misha via the media. So now it’s said that her personal life should be kept private – well they weren’t saying that when talk of her “bulling” was flying through the media…didn’t want her personal life to stay private then did ya!

To all the cynical folk, she didn’t get saved because of her “sob story”; she got saved because of her VOICE! So she can cry all she wants on stage and behind the scenes for at least this girl has TALENT to back it up! Come on MISHA fans, we can save the B-est once again by sparing a vote for our girl – let’s aim to keep her in for the final!


Text: MISHA to 88333

Phone: 0901 61 61 03




(Read below for my earlier plea)


I don’t usually vote for contestants on The X Factor, but this week I intend on making an exception – I can no longer face seeing Misha B in the bottom two for a third week! Now I am not about to criticise any of the other remaining acts, but Misha B is by far the most talented artist left in this competition. Her talent is on a whole other level compared to the other contestants; although I must admit the re-entry of Amelia Lily has ruffled things slightly – the originally-rejected singer was even given some of Misha’s lines in the M&S advert! Talk about eliminating her on the sly!

We all know Tulisa more or less damaged the singer’s chances of winning the show by exposing her as an alleged “bully”, and therefore darkening her name – let’s face it – once word got around about comments made by herself and Louis, Misha had no chance of retaining those public votes.

But we need to REMEMBER what Misha B is CAPABLE of, and that she is an incredibly FULLY-FLEDGED artist with SUPERSTAR potential! Each week she ignites that stage with her stunning voice, electric stage presence, and powerful performances… she always…ALWAYS delivers!

I know a few other passionate people who shall be boycotting the show if this girl gets voted out…so let’s get behind her guys! Even if you don’t usually vote, let us give her our full support this week and keep her in the competition (and in the M&S advert!). Let’s prove that we B-lieve in our MISHA and VOTE!

Support this plea for Misha B!




Beyonce’s Performances of ‘End of Time’ (Live at Roseland: Elements of 4)

During the lead up to the birth of her first child, Beyonce provides us with a taster of her upcoming live performance DVD Live at Roseland: Elements of 4, with various clips of her performances of ‘End of Time’ combined into one to create one energy-filled video clip. It seems as though this has been offered at the perfect time as a reminder of what she can do…without the baby bump! – yet an appreciated addition to our screens so that we won’t miss her too much while she’s awaiting the arrival of her vey own miniature addition. I’m still totally addicted to this track and I LOVE the video which has been excellently edited and is hugely entertaining!

You just gotta love her 🙂 …

Taylor Swift Raps Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ On Tour…

So following Taylor Swift’s surprising attempt at rapping Nicki Minaj’s hit ‘Super Bass’, the singer decided that she would try her hand at Eminem’s explosive track ‘Lose Yourself’, that she recently performed during her ‘Speak Now’ tour in Philadelphia. This rendition obviously wasn’t as explosive as the original, more like a mellow version, yet I believe Swift did a brilliant job at covering the rapper’s hit, and it takes a great musical artists to take risks and not care about possibly making a fool of themselves.

So you may laugh (I did), and you may mock (did that too), and you may cringe (and that), but I do love the fact that she appreciates hip-hop and rap music besides the country genre that she is most famous for. Hmmm so maybe we could expect an Eminem version of ‘Today Was A Fairytale’?

A Poem For Amy Winehouse…

I thought I’d write a mini poem following the heartbreaking news of the death of Amy Winehouse…she self-destructed and became immensely vulnerable, however I’m hoping that despite her struggles, she will be hugely remembered for her exceptional music that will live on in the hearts of many…


Amy Winehouse…Superstar,

A Talented Lady With A Wonderful Heart.

A Massive Number Of Incredible Hits,

A Lyrical Genius Who Will Be Sorely Missed…


Devoted Fans Unite To Pay Respect To Her Name,

Wishing So Badly She Could Have Been Relieved Of All The Pain.

A Huge Waste Of A Life And A Tragic Loss To Music,

With A Stunning Voice, An Amazing Talent, We Hoped She’d Never Lose It.


A Woman Who Needed Help And Direction,

Anything With The Power To Completely Cure Her Misfortune.

A Troubled Woman Controlled By Her Addiction…




Amy Winehouse…Superstar,

A Talented Lady With A Wonderful Heart.

A Massive Number Of Incredible Hits,

A Lyrical Genius Who Will Be Sorely Missed.

R.I.P. Amy x

My Wireless Festival Weekend… [Video & Pics]

My first time at Wireless Fest was most definitely an awesome experience! Being someone who has a major MAJOR passion for music, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this year’s festival! A few of my favourite performances at Friday’s wireless include Tinie Tempah (when his mic was working), Labrinth (whose incredible performance actually amazed me!), Chipmunk and Wretch 32 who both blew up the stage, the wonderful Bruno Mars, & of course headliners the Black Eyed Peas who most certainly rocked the park!

I had a fantastic time at Day 1 of Wireless but Saturday’s Fest was without doubt the most exciting, where the stages were graced by the likes of J Cole, Devlin, Katy B, Chase & Status, Nero (whose DJ set was totally rammed!) and Janelle Monae (whose performance was completely unique I instantly fell in love with her talent) – just to name a few of the performers who gave me that enormous buzz and excitement! It felt like the theme for Saturday’s Wireless was more like a chilled out/laidback/party event, so I definitely loved this vibe :-).

I grabbed opportunites to film some of the acts from Saturday’s show while taking a break from madly rocking out to the tunes! So watch the video below for snippets of performances from Janelle Monae, Katy B, J Cole, and Devlin.

*Flicks from Sat*


*Updated* Melissa Molinaro’s Big Week In The UK…with me :-)

Sadly I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties this week, but HAPPILY the reason being is that this week I’ve been tour managing an upcoming Canadian/Italian artist Melissa Molinaro, who made her on-screen debuts on Making The Band 3 and Pussycat Dolls: The Search For the Next Doll. The LA singer/dancer/actress has been in the UK this week promoting her new single Dance Floor, and her co-starring role in the new dance movie Honey 2…which is out now!

This has been a hectic, yet a wonderful week for myself and most importantly Melissa, with a crazy amount of interviews including Bang Radio, Choice FM, and BBC Radio, her trip to MRK1’s studio in Manchester to lay down some hot new tracks, and ending off her busy week with an incredibly sassy performance at Bar Music Hall last night (10th June)!

While Melissa is quite rightfully chilling out today, I’ve finally found time to resume my blogging and upload a video I recorded of her rehearsal, the official video for her latest single ‘Dance Floor’ plus the Honey 2 movie trailor – so check them out below and be sure to go see the movie! 🙂


Melissa’s latest performance was at her Single Launch Party at Whisky Mist last night (14th June) …it was a fantastic night and here’s a few snippets from the night’s photo album below…


Behind The Scenes: Michelle Williams Shoots Video For New Single ‘On The Run’

Michelle Williams steps back into the world of releases as she is currently in Ibiza, Spain filming the video for her new single ‘On the Run’.

Dance music is clearly ruling the music scene right now, especially now summer has arrived, however it may be that the track that I’m faintly hearing proves that not every artist can cut it – it very well may be because I’ve heard the singer switch from Pop artist, to Gospel artist, and now Dance artist… plus I do feel that her voice is too soulful for the snappy dance sound and is far better suited to a smooth R’n’B composition. Although my opinion could be slightly premature considering I’ve only heard a snippet of the track! So I’ll definitely wait to hear more material from her. 🙂

As I see it she is following in her fellow Destiny’s Child member’s footsteps with the heavy beat and pounding bassline sound. I’m hoping that she will receive a great response from music fans as I would love to see her finally become as successful as her peers. But for now you can hear a snippet of her new single below as the singer shoots her sizzling video…