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Music Video: Jessie J – ‘Price Tag’ ft B.O.B. “It’s not about the money money money!”

Jessie J sparkles once again in her colourful new video for her 2nd single ‘Price Tag’, featuring ‘Airplanes’ rapper B.O.B. The song which is taken from her upcoming album, ‘Who You Are’ is a bubbly, feel-good and carefree number, and the visuals in the chirpy music video fully represent the lyrics to the song. I’ve watched this video and heard this track a million times and I still can’t get enough of it – the way Jessie’s glowing charisma shines through this video as the world around her is literally larger than life; plus I also love the fact that B.O.B., who I am a massive fan of, is a part of this track as his personality is so fitting with the words of this song.

Both artists share the same mentality; they simply enjoy making music and take much pride in using music as a tool to spread happiness and joy amongst their listeners, rather than just using the distribution of music as a money-making scheme. Yes, a very humble message to send out, we’ll see whether they’ll still be reflecting the song’s lyrics in the next few years! I’m sure they will though…big fan of both artists either way! Check out the fun and creative vid below if you haven’t seen yet! 🙂


Soul Singer Adele Covers Cheryl Cole’s ‘Promise This’ – this is how it should be done :-)

Usually I get a bit anxious when I hear that someone has covered a certain track, but the talented soul singer Adele, whose latest album ‘21’ is said to dominate the UK albums chart on Sunday, recently performed a cover of Cheryl Cole’s number one hit ‘Promise This on BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge and surely did this song huge justice. She took the track, totally re-created it and made it her own…this is how it should be done Cheryl! It’s not right when someone can sing your own song better than you but this is exactly what has taken place with this number. I definitely prefer this stripped down, piano-lead version, and Adele’s harmonious and blissful voice flows wonderfully over the melody. This cover version is beautiful, soulful and smooth, and is in huge contrast to the heavy bumping original version from Cheryl. Thanks Adele 🙂

Nicki Minaj Weds Prince Drake in ‘Moment 4 Life’ Video…

Once upon a time there lived a ‘KING’ (???) named Nicki, who filmed a Cinderella-inspired video for her single ‘Moment 4 Life’, which is taken from her Platinum selling debut album ‘Pink Friday’. So Nicki Minaj refers to herself as a ‘king’…OK then… there’s definitely a meaning behind that one. I think this video is brilliant however I did find the acting at the beginning quite cringing, especially when she attempted the English accent. I felt more at ease when the track finally started playing though and the music video officially begun…

The video features Nicki and her beloved Drizzy tying the knot, a moment that she wishes to hold on to forever as she marries her ‘Prince’. This ‘moment’ is like every young girl’s dream, wishing their own lives to be a reflection of a fairytale love story. The gripping visuals and marital bliss between the two Young Money rappers collate this awesome and romantic video – I love 🙂

Emerging UK TALENT! : Miss Baby Sol’s EP Launch Party at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen…

I went to a gig on Monday at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen to watch an amazing performance by an incredibly talented artist, who goes by the name of Miss Baby Sol. I had a listen to a few of her tracks beforehand that I really took to, but I hadn’t really a clue what to expect when I planned to see her perform live – now I can safely say that I honestly witnessed true star quality as the singer/songwriter totally ignited the room with her GORGEOUS image and outstanding performances. The way she owned that stage and had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand was unbelievable.

Her performance with Lazy Habits was pure excellence, plus Baby Sol also performed a gorgeous love song with John Adeleye – two brilliant performances that I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I loved listening to her tracks at home, watching her perform those same tracks live had a much stronger impact as I could tell that she meant every word that she sang – her lyrics were believable, and that’s one of the things that made her show so powerful. So as you could probably guess, I am now a fan…she has inspired me 🙂

You can check out some of the footage from Baby Sol’s launch party below! If you like, then you can buy her debut EP ‘Before I Begin (The Journey)’ by clicking here.

Drake/Lil Wayne VS. Kanye West/Jay-Z

Drake recently announced that he is planning a joint album with Lil Wayne.

In an interview with radio DJ Tim Westwood, the ‘Best I Ever Had’ rapper said, “We still got to do that album. I heard some other guys are coming out with an album, too. There’s two other rappers that are coming out with an album together. … I don’t know where they got that idea but …” – I think we all know the “two other rappers” he’s referring to here!

He continued, “I just caught wind of it through the grapevine, that there’s some other album coming out with two guys rapping on it too.”

Hmmm, so how will Drake and Lil Wayne’s joint project rival against Jay-Z and Kanye West’s upcoming Watch the Throne? …

For now though, here’s the lead single ‘H.A.M’ from Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s collaborative LP.

Jay Sean Illuminates the Dance floor with ‘Hit the Lights’ ft. Lil Wayne

Jay Sean teams up with Lil Wayne once again for the new single ‘Hit the Lights’, taken from Sean’s upcoming fourth album ‘Freeze Time’. The track does lack in originality a little, the beat is easily comparable to other clubby tracks that are already out there, yet I was still easily taken it by this one as I’m a sucker for an addictive number! I don’t feel that the Young Money artists shine as much as they did on their 2009 hit ‘Down’- the song doesn’t have that same spark. Jay Sean’s vocal is as good as it can be on a number like this, however Wayne kind of gets lost amongst the busyness of the track, so much so that by the end I even forgot he was a part of it. I highly adore him as an artist/rapper, but usually his verses touch that spot whereas this one kinda just flew over my head as it failed to really stand out – although I suppose with his name attached to the single it might increase its popularity and just may help its sales maybe?

Anyway, Jay Sean’s ‘Hit the Lights’ is definitely a catchy number as these bubbly party tracks with a repetitive chorus usually are……so check it out below! 🙂

Chris Brown Lifts the Spirits of All ‘Beautiful People’ in His New Single…

Beautiful People’ will be the speaker-blowing follow-up single to ‘Yeah 3X’ from Chris Brown, taken from his upcoming album F.A.M.E., which stands for Forgiving All My Enemies. This Benny Benassi-produced track will get rinsed in the clubs without a single doubt. I’ve got much love for this track but I feel that there is still room for it to grow on me, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing! Breezy’s vocals, together with the vibrating bass riff and crashing synths collate overall an epic number.  I like the self-appreciating and encouraging lyrics, as he reminds people just how beautiful they are on the inside and encourages them to keep their heads high – “Don’t Let ‘Em Bring You Down, ‘Cause You Start Your Life Today, Live Any Thoughts You Dreamed Of”, he sings over this popping track. This tune could sound to some like one of them typical club anthems, nonetheless it doesn’t take away the fact that this club-smasher could much likely be a massive hit in the UK. Love it! 🙂

Music Video: Alesha Dixon Partners Up With Jay Sean for ‘Every Little Part Of Me’

Alesha Dixon’s music video for her third single ‘Every Little Part of Me’, taken from her album ‘The Entertainer’, has now surfaced online. The single featuring fellow UK artist Jay Sean is a massive, upbeat party track which didn’t stick at first, but after a while it worked its way to my heart and now it has become a little part of me.

As always the ‘Drummer Boy’ singer looks stunning in her video, and even as a girl I can’t help but be fixated on her glowing image. I love the story, the passion, and the moment they reunite then soon after get torn apart – the concept of this video works perfectly and sells the track very well.

I really feel Miss Dixon is an underrated artist; her second single ‘Radio’ didn’t do particularly well in the UK charts – I hardly even heard the track played on its namesake, although it is one of my favourites from her. I do hope her latest single goes far with a little help from Jay Sean. To me, she never fails to lives up to her album title, yet she always seems to fade into the background. Well this track is potentially addictive – so third single…third time lucky? Promote Alesha, PROMOTE!

From a Sugababe to a Solobabe: Keisha Buchanan – ‘Under Control’

Former Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan (in my opinion the driving force of the group…) has been musically active for the past year with her recording sessions in aid of her upcoming debut solo album, from which a brand new track surfaced entitled ‘Under Control’. Due to the fact that this is an un-mastered version of the song, Keisha’s vocals sound drowned out by the busy composition and therefore the chorus didn’t stand out as much as it should do – it just came and went and had zero impact at first. However I can definitely hear that this tune has huge potential to become a ‘hit’ once it is fully complete. It’s an upbeat, radio-friendly, cheesy lolli-pop tune; the kind of sound that often goes down well with the listeners. It is most definitely a smart choice of song to release as her debut solo single in order to break her solo career, although I’m fairly sure her other tracks on her album won’t all use the “candy-flossy” theme.

I’m just really happy that since the controversial occasion of the singer being forced to leave the girl band in September 2009, she adopted an inspiring attitude, got signed to Island/Universal Music and began working hard, concentrating on her new solo material. I’m really pleased to see that she is back on the music scene to prove that she has got that talent and all what it takes to go at it alone. Yep – as we hear her say herself, she’s got it under control.

Music Video: Mr. Vegas – ‘Sweet Jamaica’ alongside Shaggy & Josey Wales

The re-released ‘Sweet Jamaica’ single by Mr Vegas, featuring added vocals delivered by Joesy Wales and Shaggy, now has an accompanied music video which truly represents the track brilliantly and instantly puts a great big smile on my face.

I get an enormous buzz from watching this video while listening along to the sweet reggae melody and hearing that native tongue. I get goosebumps as it takes me right back to a beautiful place I call home. I close my eyes, and I’m there. The cool sea breeze…the stunning sunset…the FOOD !

I love how the video explores every aspect of JA…the places, the attractions, the food, the fun, the everyday living…a perfect portrayal of the wonderful island we call Sweet Jamaica 🙂 It make me so proud to have Jamaican flowing through my blood veins. I shall be back again very soon!

Check out the vibrant video below…