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A Poem For Amy Winehouse…

I thought I’d write a mini poem following the heartbreaking news of the death of Amy Winehouse…she self-destructed and became immensely vulnerable, however I’m hoping that despite her struggles, she will be hugely remembered for her exceptional music that will live on in the hearts of many…


Amy Winehouse…Superstar,

A Talented Lady With A Wonderful Heart.

A Massive Number Of Incredible Hits,

A Lyrical Genius Who Will Be Sorely Missed…


Devoted Fans Unite To Pay Respect To Her Name,

Wishing So Badly She Could Have Been Relieved Of All The Pain.

A Huge Waste Of A Life And A Tragic Loss To Music,

With A Stunning Voice, An Amazing Talent, We Hoped She’d Never Lose It.


A Woman Who Needed Help And Direction,

Anything With The Power To Completely Cure Her Misfortune.

A Troubled Woman Controlled By Her Addiction…




Amy Winehouse…Superstar,

A Talented Lady With A Wonderful Heart.

A Massive Number Of Incredible Hits,

A Lyrical Genius Who Will Be Sorely Missed.

R.I.P. Amy x


Leona Lewis Adopts an Electro-dance sound for her new single ‘Collide’…

Leona Lewis’s new single entitled ‘Collide’ taken from her upcoming third album, has recently surfaced online, and I must say it was quite a turn-up for the books – for an artist who is known to usually be quite a ‘still’ performer, this new single is rather…well…up-tempo. The singer seems to have noticed the common trend of electro-dance storming the charts these days and decided to adopt the sound for this single release, although…[Opinion after first listen]…I strongly feel that her voice was far better suited to her original sound. I adore her angelic voice over pop ballads that fully compliment her clear, melodic vocals; it’s the main sound that she adopted since winning The X Factor so this dance vibe is a major contrast and may just take some getting used to…

…[And opinion after second listen]…hmmm I think this addictive number may have just grown on me!

I feel that the song just shows how versatile she can be as an artist, as her voice is clearly equally as powerful as the track itself. It could be said that her gentle personality doesn’t really match this floor-filler style of music, however I am quite hopeful that there’s a strong chance we may finally witness her inner groove – well she couldn’t exactly perform this one in a stand still now – could she?…

Beyonce Gets Wed in Her New Video for “Best Thing I Never Had”…

Beyonce sings about her relief that her previous lover whom she once wanted turned out to be no good for her – or in her words “the best thing [she] never had” – and expresses this in her wedding-themed music video for her latest single taken from her album ‘4’. The video shows bride Beyonce filled with complete happiness as she reflects on the past and proves that she has moved on, is happily in love and is about to marry the true man of her dream (e.g. Jay- Z).

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if this was a reconstruction of her own wedding day? 🙂

The concept of the video goes perfectly with the track; simple, yet still effectively gets her message across (to that loser). So if YOU are that former lover that she is vocally addressing in this track, then it really does SUCK to be YOU right now…

Enjoy 🙂

My Wireless Festival Weekend… [Video & Pics]

My first time at Wireless Fest was most definitely an awesome experience! Being someone who has a major MAJOR passion for music, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this year’s festival! A few of my favourite performances at Friday’s wireless include Tinie Tempah (when his mic was working), Labrinth (whose incredible performance actually amazed me!), Chipmunk and Wretch 32 who both blew up the stage, the wonderful Bruno Mars, & of course headliners the Black Eyed Peas who most certainly rocked the park!

I had a fantastic time at Day 1 of Wireless but Saturday’s Fest was without doubt the most exciting, where the stages were graced by the likes of J Cole, Devlin, Katy B, Chase & Status, Nero (whose DJ set was totally rammed!) and Janelle Monae (whose performance was completely unique I instantly fell in love with her talent) – just to name a few of the performers who gave me that enormous buzz and excitement! It felt like the theme for Saturday’s Wireless was more like a chilled out/laidback/party event, so I definitely loved this vibe :-).

I grabbed opportunites to film some of the acts from Saturday’s show while taking a break from madly rocking out to the tunes! So watch the video below for snippets of performances from Janelle Monae, Katy B, J Cole, and Devlin.

*Flicks from Sat*