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Music Video: Beyonce – Run The World (Girls) + ‘4’ Album Cover…

We all waited…we watched teaser after teaser…and the time has finally come to witness Queen B in true feisty style, in her new video for her latest single Run The World (Girls) – taken from her upcoming album ‘4‘. As I and possibly many others expected, the video emphasises the power of girls with the inclusion of hundreds of other ruling ladies in action – enforcing the empowering single’s message with the utmost energy and enthusiasm!

The song itself received both positive views and negative responses even from a few Beyonce fanatics, therefore B’s team couldn’t possibly hold back in this vid in order for it to get a better reception than the single itself, and back up its title! Yet I’m pretty sure the girls’ powerfully persuasive choreography have done the trick. So to all the critiques of the brand new track, has this visual changed your opinion on the hardcore single?

Check it out! + Beyonce’s ‘4album cover below…


I’m Currently Jammin’ In JA! :-) …

Hey guys!

Just to let all my wonderful and much appreciated blog viewers know I am away on my hols in Jamaica for 17 days! So my blog may not be updated for a while unless I do come across an amazing new track or vid on my travels and can’t help myself but find a computer and write about it!

I am also hoping to blog about music/events in association with the island on my journeys! 😀

However if I am too busy soaking up the sunshine then I shall be back to business beginning of June 🙂

Sending all my love from…

Bre X

Nicki Minaj Glows In Her Vibrant ‘Super Bass’ Video

The music video for my personal favourite track off Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ album – ‘Super Bass’ – is finally released! Well I’m not sure if it is exactly what I expected, but it certainly hasn’t taken away an inch of my devotion to the track thankfully. It’s undeniably cute, fun, playful, and the teasing nature of the video is well suited to the lyrics.

The visual is definitely booming with vibrancy as the Young Money rapper illuminates the video with her signature multicoloured hairdos, two-tone eyeliner and vivid outfits, along with other eye-grabbing features and all things bubblegum-like.

Check out the candy-coated video below…

Are you feeling the bass?

From A Wannabe Doll To An Official Solo Doll: Melissa Molinaro – ‘Dance Floor’

After competing in the hugely competitive talent search shows “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll” and “Making The Band 3”, these platforms seemed to set Melissa Molinaro up perfectly for a potentially awesome career as a solo artist. Her upbeat new single appropriately entitled ‘Dance Floor’ is evidently a dance anthem for all the DJs to consider slotting into their playlists.

This is certainly an ideal first single from her upcoming album for the singer to release – being such a terrific dancer, this track enables her to exhibit her fiery moves milking the hell out of this number. The club banger isn’t one that sticks with me instantly, but I definitely feel it is a grower. As you may or may not know I am not a massive fan of tracks which are totally draped in auto tune, but who is really noticing the vocal quality when you’re too busy focusing on the visual quality!? Yep she is selling it for sure! (the single I mean).

You can check out Melissa Molinaro in action in her ‘Dance Floor’ video below, plus she also has a major role in the dance/romance movieHoney 2 so be sure to look out for that later this year!!/melissamolinaro

Available on iTunes now –

The Talented New Motown/Pop Artist Rickstar Performs ‘Beat Of My Heart’ Live.

Rickstar – an emerging artist I spoke of not too long ago performed at The Cockpit theatre last month along with his remarkable Rickettes, and it most definitely was an impressive performance! I knew the audience would be in for a treat as soon as he planned to grace that stage. He proves to be a natural performer with his brilliant stage presence, confidently owning the floor like a true star. I’m sensing big things in the near future for the singer – he’s surely on the right track to a blossoming musical career! 🙂

Check out the video of his performance and his official video below…plus, click here to read a previous post which includes all info on new artist…Rickstar.