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Chris Brown Performs ‘Yeah 3X’ on GMA + THE Interview…

Chris Brown performed ‘Yeah 3X’ on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday, his hit single taken from his recently released fourth album ‘F.A.M.E.’.

Now I am not a big fan of auto-tuned vocals throughout an entire track, but honestly, I totally overlooked the singing and merely focused on his dance routine, that crazy energy and commanding moves was the only thing capturing my vision. I am massively pleased to see that he is getting back on track in terms of his reputation and his musical status, and that his album is already receiving enormous support. Despite his outburst after the show regarding being grilled about the Rihanna incident (an outburst quite understandable really!), I’m glad that he remained composed while being interviewed and ensured that the main focus of his interview was…….the ALBUM. ↓

I long for him to be able to re-visit the UK and grace his British fans with his presence. Check out the HOT performance below if you haven’t already seen!


Drake/Lil Wayne VS. Kanye West/Jay-Z

Drake recently announced that he is planning a joint album with Lil Wayne.

In an interview with radio DJ Tim Westwood, the ‘Best I Ever Had’ rapper said, “We still got to do that album. I heard some other guys are coming out with an album, too. There’s two other rappers that are coming out with an album together. … I don’t know where they got that idea but …” – I think we all know the “two other rappers” he’s referring to here!

He continued, “I just caught wind of it through the grapevine, that there’s some other album coming out with two guys rapping on it too.”

Hmmm, so how will Drake and Lil Wayne’s joint project rival against Jay-Z and Kanye West’s upcoming Watch the Throne? …

For now though, here’s the lead single ‘H.A.M’ from Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s collaborative LP.

Jazmine Sullivan – ‘I ‘m Not A Robot’ – Will this be the Last We Hear from Her?…

Jazmine Sullivan recently announced on Twitter that she will be taking a break from music. Part of her tweet (which she later deleted) said “I’m making an official announcement that I am taking a break from music. I’m trying to figure out who I am… w/out a mike, paper or pen”. Following her surprising statement, a new unreleased track leaked online, entitled ‘I’m Not a Robot’. Jazmine’s contradicting, robotic vocals run throughout the song; this is like the only time I can safely say that the heavily auto-tuned vocals are actually necessary, and appropriate for this type of track and what it is all about. I personally love this number – the chorus especially is piercing and addictive.

She doesn’t want to be controlled – I guess she feels trapped and wants to break out and be free, as she sings “I gotta get out of this program and find out who I really am; I’m not a robot”.

Enormous pressure and high demands are inevitable in the music industry, and for Jasmine to admit that she doesn’t feel like she can cope with it all portrays how much of a genuine and humble person she is. I really hope this isn’t the last we hear of her but if it is then I am going to definitely savor this track, including her past music…

Cher Lloyd Gets Signed To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Label…

I guess there are high hopes for the X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, who has apparently been signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. The rapper who also signed artists such as Lil’ Kim and Willow Smith, admitted that he was impressed by Cher’s X Factor performances. She has constantly been viewed to have brought something fresh and unique to the table, maintained that ‘swagger’ she had shown in her first audition, and was seen to have spiced up the talent show; therefore this incredible news is far from a surprise.

An insider told The Sun newspaper that “Even though Cher didn’t do terrifically well in the X Factor finals, there’s been a hell of a lot of interest in her…All the labels are on the lookout for sassy, young female artists with bags of attitude, and Cher fits that bill perfectly.” Although who has recently recorded a “mega smasher” with the 17-year-old, has been backing the singer since the beginning, he couldn’t possibly compete with the super powers of Jay-Z who has the ability to instantly turn you into a worldwide superstar, boasting a huge money-stacking career.

The insider added, “After weighing up the pros and cons, it was thought that the team at Roc Nation would be best placed to turn her dreams of stardom into a reality.”

She does have that enormous confidence and that star quality, and very much deserves this massive opportunity. She proves that coming fourth in the singing competition isn’t all that bad at all, and I bet she must feel like a winner now! So could 2011 be her year?

Hot New Promo Shot for Alexandra Burke and JLS Joint Clothing Line – 2KX Clothing !

The successors of X factor 2008 Alexandra Burke and JLS have come together to launch a joint clothing line 2KX Clothing. I absolutely love the stylish promotional shoot above, and I think this is a clever business move for the guys – they are two of the most successful and personally two of my favourite acts that have come out of the talent show. This is quite an exciting partnership and I can’t wait to see what designs they create for their 2KX fashion range that will be available in stores in Spring 2011!

To celebrate this fantastic collaboration, they’ve designed a T-shirt which is in aid of the Help a London Child Christmas Appeal which you can view and purchase by clicking the link below the image…

Beyonce ‘Heat’ Commercial Banned – Apparently Too Hot for the Kids!

So the recently released ‘Heat’ perfume ad by Beyonce has been banned from daytime TV! It features the singer dancing seductively in a revealing red dress which has been said to be too provocative to be shown on TV before 7.30pm. In my opinion this is nothing compared to her concerts where there’s always kids. I believe that if it was any random person behaving the same way in a perfume commercial I don’t think it would have mattered as much – and quite frankly I think this ad is more like selling Beyonce than her perfume. Still the ad has a great concept for the theme of the ‘Heat’ perfume and to be honest I personally don’t think the commercial is THAT bad – but I suppose I do understand where the complaining parents are coming from and their concern for their kids. What’s your views?

‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD Trailer – By One of the Best Performers Alive !

It’s been over a year since Beyoncé graced the stage of The O2 Arena with her remarkable presence, and although this concert took place a while ago, I can still remember the electic atmosphere filled with excited fans (including myself!) eagerly waiting to be undoubtedly entertained.

At long last, the incredibly talented megastar releases the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD which includes a live audio CD of the concert, a documentary of the tour, and exclusive photos packed in a 40-page book.  The DVD which will be available worldwide on 30th November, was produced, directed and edited in order to create the ultimate viewing experience, featuring footage from her vast number of shows around the world. Many would agree that Beyoncé is commendable for the work and effort she puts in to her tour for it to be a huge success – so even if you’ve already been to the phenomenal ‘I Am…’ concert (like me!), I’m sure you may want to replay her performances over again and relive the over-whelming experience!

So here’s the official trailer for the ‘I Am… World Tour’ DVD/CD. As Beyoncé would say… “Are you ready to be entertaaaaaaaained?!”