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Shardinay – ‘Oh Boy’…seriously, this is some kind of joke right?

Oh boy indeed…

Now I am one to support our UK artists, especially the upcoming, but this track along with the video jus makes me wanna cringe all over and hold my head down in shame for the girl, I mean where was her head at when making this? This just looks like a disgraceful attempt to be some kinda British bruk down Beyonce. And as for the vocals, the highest auto-tune couldn’t even fix this. The more I watch this, the greater my confusion becomes. I know a lot of UK artists strive to make it big in the industry these days, but come on now, if you ain’t got it then drop it…seriously.

I’m saying no more just watch the vid for yourself *looks down and shakes head*…

And check DJ Limelight GOING IN on her in the interview underneath…it’s just upsetting…


X Factor’s Shirlena Johnson-axed due to mental health problems…well who woulda guessed it!?

Here’s the woman herself with her ridiculously nutty rendition of ‘Mercy’ by Duffy if you missed it last Saturday…(or if you just wanna have a great big laugh all over again like me :-D)

Las Morenas Presents…Locura de Carnaval !

Looking for something exciting to do next Saturday night?…

Well here’s an idea! Get yourself down to London’s Brand New Urban Tropical Club Night !!

You Know It Makes Sense 😉

LOCATION: Clerkenwell House, 23-27 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JJ – for more info!

Quite Liking Jason Derulo’s Softer Side…’What If’

No more ridin’ solo for Jason Derulo, for his latest single ‘What If’ suggests that he is now focusing on having that special woman in his life…or not…according to the supplementary video…

This stunning and heartfelt track beautifully sung by Mr Derulo is a perfect example of life being way too short. The music video basically begins with him imagining what his future may hold (very poignant, makes you want to shed a lil tear), then for the duration of the video he shifts back in time to the point where he and his lady first lay eyes on one another. But the question I have to ask is why did he have to picture a negative outcome is his life? Most people would imagine success, marriage, kids, grandkids…just happy stuff…whereas he has visions of the poor girl’s death-it’s quite sad and depressing to think what if she gets knocked down by a car in the process of moving into a new home,while you’re all set to propose. But hey, I do really understand the message he aims to send out with this track; he makes it clear in his lyrics, “We can’t tell the future…that’s just the beauty of the world we love”.

This meaningful track truly gets me thinking about life and appreciating each and every day of it.

Check out the sentimental music video for ‘What If’ from the one and only Jason Derulo 🙂

Classics Will Always Remain the Finest…

Usher-‘You Make Me Wanna’, Craig David-‘Seven Days’, Kano-‘Typical Me’…

Remember those ones?

In terms of Usher, yes he’s still talented and yes I’m still a fan, but still, he is yet to top his previous albums; there was his self-titled album, then 8701, then Confessions, then ‘Raymond v Ramond’…hold on did I miss one…what was the album before ‘Raymond v Ramond’ again?

Then there’s Craig David; used to be hotness, now he’s just flopness. What happened to the ‘Fill Me In’ and ‘Walking Away’ days? He basically committed suicide with that crappy number ‘Insomnia’.

As for Kano, he should have stuck to what he does best, at least he would have still been respected for standing his ground, now he’s jus pitied for changing his sound.

NOT to say I don’t appreciate the music of today, but be honest, don’t you sometimes have those times when you feel to listen to songs from back in the day and think “this was when music was truly MUSIC”? …the thought and imagination and effort put into creating a quality track; I just feel that the genuine passion from the past does not exist anymore (not as much as it used to anyway)…

…just goes to show how laid back the music industry has grown to be. Certain Artists have become lazy and jus releasing any old poppy mainstreamy nonsense just to make money, as it’s so easy to get a hit record these days– but then what does that say about us as listeners and how our taste in music may have changed?

Just saying really…

The Return of the Factor! :-D

this is my show people! love it love it! -From the amazingly talented to the ridiculously dumb acts…pure entertainment 🙂

..and to celebrate the new series I thought I’d show some vids from the most successful acts that came out of the biggest talent TV programme ….. enjoy 😀

Ne-yo – stepped up in the Videos department with ‘Beautiful Monster’ !

It seems Ne-yo likes to be terrified of his women! (as long as they’re beautiful of course). I gather from this lyric right here, “ur a knife sharp and deadly…but i don’t mind, infact i like it, though im terrified…” that he likes to be severely toyed with and enjoys the thrilling nature of the whole scenario…which may kind of worry us about the singer’s state of mind and well being for a bit don’t you think?…but i dont mind, infact i like it! – the video i mean.

I’ve never got goosebumps while watching any of Ne-yo’s music vids before, but this one actually sent shivers up my spine. When i first heard the track I kind of expected the video to feature his typical MJ-imitated dance routines as per, but this impressive viewing captures a new sense of creativity and imagination. The weakness and vunerability he demonstrates in the beginning, and then somehow managing to regain his strength when defending himself against the 3 randoms in white, along with his ‘super powers’, is fascinating to watch; while at the end, he finally encounters the ‘beautiful monster’ and eventually retrieves his rightful ‘groove’ (his typical dance routines basically, but it had to come at some point).

He never seems to fail lyrically with his ingenious writing ability as he creates this passionate number…sinister yet sexy – I love it!

Check out this fabulously creative video for Ne-yo’s infectious track ‘Beautiful Monster’.

Las Morenas Presents… Brand New Urban Tropical Club Night !

Were you there???

If yes…Same Time Next Month!!

If no…Then Let Me Explain…

…combine Latin and Salsa with a hint of Hip-Hop and R’n’B, throw in some spices, toss in some tropicalness and Caribbean flavour and you’ll end up with the most tastiest recipe which is…CALIENTE! I was at the launch party on Saturday and the atmosphere was totally amazing! Spirits were high, DJ spun the Hottest tracks!…authentic rum…sensational cocktails…Sounds Good???


So cancel all plans on Saturday 28th August 2010 and Salsa your way down to London’s Brand New Urban Tropical Club Night!

LOCATION: Clerkenwell House, 23-27 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JJ – for more info!

😀Las Morenas Presents...