Beyonce Reveals Her Life’s Lessons, Personal Achievements and Her Future Plans On “Piers Morgan Tonight”…

Piers Morgan meets up with Beyonce in London for an intimate interview for CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”. The singer speaks on her glistening and thrilling performance at Glastonbury, empowering women through her music, and NOT retiring any time soon which was the tiny part of the interview that was hugely wonderful to hear :-D. Beyonce also discusses her appreciation for her achievements, as she took time out of the spotlight, allowing time to reflect on her career to date, and enjoying her success.

As a major fan of the feisty singer, I admire her highly for fact that she has remained humble throughout her career and it was real intriguing hearing all her personal stories 🙂

Check out the full interview below…


An Interview with the Incredible UK Singer/Songwriter, Miss Baby Sol…


The talented independent UK artist Miss Baby Sol, who has collaborated with the likes of Black Einstein, Lazy Habits, Nutty P and John ‘J’Nay’ Adeleye, released her debut EP ‘Before I Begin (The Journey)’ last month offering 7 amazing Reggae/Soul/Jazz tracks. She recently had her EP launch party at the Hoxton Bar and Grill where she graced the stage with her incredible performances, and you can check a review of this event including a few clips from the show over here. As a brand new fan of the singer/songwriter, I decided to ask her a few question in order to find out a little bit more about herself and her musical career – so for all the Baby Sol fans and mostly for those who are still yet to know about the brilliant vocalist, check out my lil interview with the Baby Sol below 🙂

  • Your EP Before I Begin (The Journey) was released 10th January; how does it feel to have released your first ever EP?

I feel like I’ve done something with my life at last lol! It’s been brilliant xxx

  • How would you describe the overall mood and sound of your EP?

I would say that is like a journey, from highs to lows to highs to lows… just like life 🙂

  • I can totally relate to your song ‘No No’! Do you have any strong personal attachment to any of the tracks on your EP?

I have a strong personal attachment to ALL the songs on the EP! They were all written through need to express xxx

  • If you could release any of your tracks as an official single, which one would you choose?

It would be Always 🙂

  • My favourite performance of yours was when you sang ‘Sitting’ at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. What song on your EP do you love performing the most and why?

I love performing Plans because there’s scope for dancing and audience participation.

  • You look like you have so much fun on stage and the audience absolutely adore you. How does it feel to receive that amount of love and support as an independent artist?

I have to say that it has been quite overwhelming. I perform for a living so I’m used to that part but the pressure on an artist when it’s just down to them… I’ve never known that before so when I came out and all those people were there for me and they were so supportive and encouraging it felt amazing! I was on a high for about a week after that show! It was my 1st show that was longer than 4 songs except for the 1st show I did at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen with Paloma and Rox. Part of the reason I chose that venue. It holds very special significance for me.

  • If you didn’t become a singer, what career path would you have taken instead?

I originally thought I might want to be a journalist…. before that a doctor when  was really little… I probably would have ended up being some singing office girl… it nearly happened! lol x

  • Who has been your most inspiration throughout your recording career?

I don’t know! I’m inspired by a lot… my mum is the most inspiring person to me in all of life.

  • If you could collaborate with any artist other than who you have already worked with, who would it be?

I got asked this before and I said no one really but  have recently decided that I would like to collaborate with Eminem… or Lowkey… more will come I am sure! I am consistently learning and changing…as do we all!

  • Is there a fully loaded album in the works?


  • If you were asked to DJ at any event, what are the top five songs that you would decide to play? (not including your own of course!)

LOL! Erm… at the moment it would be the Original New Orleans version of Here Come The Girls, Nirvana Teen Spirit, Katy B Katy On A Mission, The Noisettes Saturday Night, Oo Baby I like It Raw (the instrumental version with live horns)

  • Lastly, for the people who want to know the life of Baby Sol behind the scenes (basically me!), what do you usually get up to in your spare time – while you’re away from the world of music?

I usually spend time with my family, eating, walking, playing, watching movies… the usual stuff really lol! My life is full of music at all turns though… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀


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