Behind The Scenes: Michelle Williams Shoots Video For New Single ‘On The Run’

Michelle Williams steps back into the world of releases as she is currently in Ibiza, Spain filming the video for her new single ‘On the Run’.

Dance music is clearly ruling the music scene right now, especially now summer has arrived, however it may be that the track that I’m faintly hearing proves that not every artist can cut it – it very well may be because I’ve heard the singer switch from Pop artist, to Gospel artist, and now Dance artist… plus I do feel that her voice is too soulful for the snappy dance sound and is far better suited to a smooth R’n’B composition. Although my opinion could be slightly premature considering I’ve only heard a snippet of the track! So I’ll definitely wait to hear more material from her. 🙂

As I see it she is following in her fellow Destiny’s Child member’s footsteps with the heavy beat and pounding bassline sound. I’m hoping that she will receive a great response from music fans as I would love to see her finally become as successful as her peers. But for now you can hear a snippet of her new single below as the singer shoots her sizzling video…


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