Taylor Swift Raps Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ On Tour…

So following Taylor Swift’s surprising attempt at rapping Nicki Minaj’s hit ‘Super Bass’, the singer decided that she would try her hand at Eminem’s explosive track ‘Lose Yourself’, that she recently performed during her ‘Speak Now’ tour in Philadelphia. This rendition obviously wasn’t as explosive as the original, more like a mellow version, yet I believe Swift did a brilliant job at covering the rapper’s hit, and it takes a great musical artists to take risks and not care about possibly making a fool of themselves.

So you may laugh (I did), and you may mock (did that too), and you may cringe (and that), but I do love the fact that she appreciates hip-hop and rap music besides the country genre that she is most famous for. Hmmm so maybe we could expect an Eminem version of ‘Today Was A Fairytale’?


Soul Singer Adele Covers Cheryl Cole’s ‘Promise This’ – this is how it should be done :-)

Usually I get a bit anxious when I hear that someone has covered a certain track, but the talented soul singer Adele, whose latest album ‘21’ is said to dominate the UK albums chart on Sunday, recently performed a cover of Cheryl Cole’s number one hit ‘Promise This on BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge and surely did this song huge justice. She took the track, totally re-created it and made it her own…this is how it should be done Cheryl! It’s not right when someone can sing your own song better than you but this is exactly what has taken place with this number. I definitely prefer this stripped down, piano-lead version, and Adele’s harmonious and blissful voice flows wonderfully over the melody. This cover version is beautiful, soulful and smooth, and is in huge contrast to the heavy bumping original version from Cheryl. Thanks Adele 🙂