Lady Gaga Declares That She Was ‘BORN THIS WAY’ In Her New Single…

“I’m Beautiful In My Way, ‘Cause God Makes No Mistakes I’m On The Right Track, Baby I Was Born This Way” Lady Gaga sings on her up-tempo, electronically driven latest single ‘Born This Way’, taken from her upcoming album sharing the same title. For me, this song that I had high expectations of lacks the originality that Gaga is widely known for. The introduction was quite promising, but as the song continued I lost all interest. I’ve always credited her for being different from ‘the rest’ but this track sounds too much of a replicate of what has already been done before…

I do appreciate the track’s encouraging and quotable lyrics, while Gaga sings Whether Life’s Disabilities Left You Outcast, Bullied Or Teased Rejoice And Love Yourself Today ‘Cause Baby, You Were Born This Way”, but as the first single from her upcoming album, especially one that was so excitably anticipated, I feel like it still failed to live up to all the hype it received. Nonetheless, I still do look forward to hearing future material from her upcoming album! (I would just probably skip this one track though :-S)


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