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Mindless Behaviour – ‘My Girl (remix)’ ft. Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist

The Quartet who goes by the name of Mindless Behaviour, is Interscopes fresh group to burst onto the music scene. They recently released their music video for their single ‘My Girl – the remix – the infectious melodic production that instantly worked its way to my heart and put a great big smile on my face :-D. The spirited 13-year-old youngsters who are all both adorable and armed with swagger surely know how to make a cute track non-corny, with a little help from Tyga, Lil Twist and Ciara of course.

I love young talent! So refreshing 🙂 Check out Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton, collectively known as MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR in their video below…


Lady Gaga gives birth in ‘Born This Way’ Music Video…

Who knew Lady Gaga’s hit single ‘Born This Way’ could have a far deeper meaning beyond its lyrics, which she graphically explains in her lengthy introduction. This music video was just what I expected from the Mother Monster…peculiar imagery and wacky choreography, forming a completely ‘out of the box’ concept. Now I am all up for something different, but this just revolted me…watching Gaga “giving birth” made my skin crawl and furthermore it was quite disturbing and unsettling for the stomach.

“How can I protect something so perfect, without evil”? …I mean only gaga Gaga could come with a line like that. I didn’t like the song before and the video hasn’t helped to sway my decision, so I am still against the track unfortunately… The Nick Knight-directed video is one of those that often leave me speechless, then afterward reflecting on what I’ve just witnessed, and eventually wondering… “What did I just watch?” However I still have faith in her second single, as long as it doesn’t involve giving birth…Gaga style…

Cee Lo Green is ‘The Lady Killer’ in ‘Bodies’ Video

Cee Lo Green releases his video for his latest single ‘Bodies’, taken from his album ‘The Lady Killer’. After seeing his colourful, vibrant and fun performances at the Grammys and The Brits, this track and video gives off a totally different vibe and nature of the artist; you probably wouldn’t want to be his Lady after watching this!

The animated, dark and murderous video directed by Mikael Colombu features cameos by Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington and Karl Lagerfeld. Creativity overflows in this video, while Cee Lo gets caught up in a murder mystery. I do love the menacing introduction creepily delivered by the singer as he says “…I Have A Licence To Kill…” just before the track is about to officially drop, sounding frightful enough to send chills down your spine. The visuals are certainly not as bright and bubbly as his previous singles ‘F**k You’ and ‘It’s OK’, but the video is altogether clever and artistically directed, and the intense nature of the video makes for an interesting viewing. It is definitely refreshing to see compelling visuals and brilliant imagery so check out the video below as ‘The Lady Killer’ unfolds the murder story below…

Video: Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão – ‘Crazy’ ft. Naeto C…

Big Brother Africa’s Tatiana Durão staged her vocal ‘talent’ on the reality TV show, and announced her desire for a singing career. Since then she has gone on to record and shoot a music video for her debut single ‘Crazy’, featuring rapper Naeto C.

In the video directed by SpaceshipC, the BB star certainly makes the most out of a sub-standard song; I mean this sexually enticing go-getter really milks every ounce of this track and video. For me, the song itself is well below average, but the video manages enhance the whole tone of the number and it’s clearly an accurate portrayal of the song’s context. It’s a decent party banger for some, but I can’t deny it is also quite an irritatingly contagious track. She hasn’t vocally arrived as of yet, but at least she has accomplished something she has wanted to fulfill in her life. I admire her ambition… It’s definitely a song that will surely send people CRAZY on the dance floor (in every sense of the word :-)).

Music Video: Nas and Damian Marley – ‘Patience’ “This One Right Here Is For The People”

Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley have recently released their epic video for ‘Patience’, the latest single taken from their collaborative album ‘Distant Relatives’. Nas and Damian are two artists who dig deep into the significance of their history and who surely succeed in recapturing the importance of lyrics. They are both a perfect demonstration of how strongly lyrics can reach far deeper into a listener’s mind. The realness and the expressive nature of this track and video makes my stomach flutter a little – this probably isn’t a track I’d have on my iPod, but I must say I respect this song highly and this deeply artistic, and spiritual video directed by NABIL has that strong ability to instantly capture your focus, with its amazing graphic visuals immensely gripping on the eye.

An enlightening listen, a descriptive viewing… so travel back in time with Nas and Damian Marley in ‘Patience’ video…

Music Video: Jessie J – ‘Price Tag’ ft B.O.B. “It’s not about the money money money!”

Jessie J sparkles once again in her colourful new video for her 2nd single ‘Price Tag’, featuring ‘Airplanes’ rapper B.O.B. The song which is taken from her upcoming album, ‘Who You Are’ is a bubbly, feel-good and carefree number, and the visuals in the chirpy music video fully represent the lyrics to the song. I’ve watched this video and heard this track a million times and I still can’t get enough of it – the way Jessie’s glowing charisma shines through this video as the world around her is literally larger than life; plus I also love the fact that B.O.B., who I am a massive fan of, is a part of this track as his personality is so fitting with the words of this song.

Both artists share the same mentality; they simply enjoy making music and take much pride in using music as a tool to spread happiness and joy amongst their listeners, rather than just using the distribution of music as a money-making scheme. Yes, a very humble message to send out, we’ll see whether they’ll still be reflecting the song’s lyrics in the next few years! I’m sure they will though…big fan of both artists either way! Check out the fun and creative vid below if you haven’t seen yet! 🙂

Nicki Minaj Weds Prince Drake in ‘Moment 4 Life’ Video…

Once upon a time there lived a ‘KING’ (???) named Nicki, who filmed a Cinderella-inspired video for her single ‘Moment 4 Life’, which is taken from her Platinum selling debut album ‘Pink Friday’. So Nicki Minaj refers to herself as a ‘king’…OK then… there’s definitely a meaning behind that one. I think this video is brilliant however I did find the acting at the beginning quite cringing, especially when she attempted the English accent. I felt more at ease when the track finally started playing though and the music video officially begun…

The video features Nicki and her beloved Drizzy tying the knot, a moment that she wishes to hold on to forever as she marries her ‘Prince’. This ‘moment’ is like every young girl’s dream, wishing their own lives to be a reflection of a fairytale love story. The gripping visuals and marital bliss between the two Young Money rappers collate this awesome and romantic video – I love 🙂

Official Video: ‘Game Over’ Female Takeover – Yep it needed that woman’s touch :-)

Tinchy Stryder’s ‘Game Over’ has been given a makeover with the Female Takeover, featuring Ruff Diamonds, A Dot, Envy, CherrieV, Baby Blue, Roxxxan, Lioness, Mz Brat and Lady Leshurr. The video is just as basic as the original vid (as expected), but the remix itself exposes the UK female talent – considering the fact that the grime scene is mainly dominated by guys, the girls needed to stamp their mark on it and allow people to recognise that the gals are on dis ting just as hard as da mandem! The majority of the track is lyrically impressive, especially the verses delivered by A Dot, Envy and Mz Brat.

This ‘Game Over’ remix is almost equally as brilliant as the original version; they definitely came “better and stronger” than I expected when I first heard about the female version. I could be slightly biased seeing as I love me a bit of girl power, but I believe they have surely proved themselves to have levelled up with some of the male MCs – they’re representing the females and I am totally backing this one! 😀


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Kandi – ‘Haven’t Loved Right’ Music Video – feeling slightly teary after this one…

Kandi lays down her deepest feelings and pours out her entire heart in this emotional ballad ‘Haven’t Loved Right’, understandably, considering the fact that this moving track is dedicated to the memory of her ex-fiance A.J. Jewell who passed away a year ago. The song’s lyrics feature pure honesty and emotion that are passionately delivered by the singer. Her vulnerability is apparent and you can truly feel her pain.

Kandi looks stylishly beautiful in her music video, standing out from the plain black background wearing a gorgeous, rich purple tube dress – the video may be a simple and understated, but it is perfect in that it solely focuses on her, explaining her difficulty in moving on with her life. A modest video is all this track needs as it effectively expresses the personal and meaningful nature of the song.

All I’m thinking in the end is…where has Kandi been hiding all this time with her wondrous voice and impeccable vocals!? Well I’m glad she’s back, and if this track doesn’t make you pay the utmost attention to your loved one, then I don’t know what will.

I really hope she does well with her new album ‘Kandi Koated’ which is released December 14th. 🙂

Shy FX – ‘Raver’ ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor: Music Video !

This genius drum ‘n’ bass production from Shy FX entitled ‘Raver’ is the new debut single from his forthcoming album ‘Larger Than Life’, which is due for release in 2011. The track features Kano and Donae’o on lead vocals which is clearly an ideal collaboration – Donae’o is a perfect contributor to this up-tempo party anthem, with him musically being one of the hottest leaders of all raves due to his massive funky house hits like ‘Party Hard’ and ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’. Plus, I LOVE Kano’s flow on this track; this is where he belongs – this is his sound which he is well suited to and both he and Donae’o are effective in making this track a potential hit.

Everything just works, even the transition from d’n’b to the carnival mix. ‘Raver’ is definitely suitable for this party season and it is surely one that will really heat you up for this frosty winter time.  The music video is so complimentary of the track, it’s very fitting and appropriate. I am totally feeling this one from beginning to end and I really can’t imagine any bums left on seats when this anthem comes on in the clubs!

This track will be on every DJs playlist for sure…check out the massive club hit which I believe will be a future massive club classic! 🙂