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Britney Spears Jumps on Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ for the remix …hmmmm…

Britney Spears joins Rihanna for the remix for ‘S&M’, the sensuous single taken from her ‘Loud’ album. Well all I can say is Britney did not gel well with this song at all…I mean she makes the Bajan chick sound phenomenal! She completely destroyed this track me thinks. I wasn’t that into it before, but now I have been totally turned off. Britney’s vocals are incredibly poor and to be honest didn’t understand the excitement surrounding their upcoming remix – was it really expected to be EPIC?

I don’t believe that the pair work as a collaboration – not on this track anyway. Brit’s voice is just not right for this song as Rihanna has that boldness and power in her tone that this type of track requires, and Britney Bitch just doesn’t cut it. Soz 🙂

Take a listen to the ‘Rhimix’ below and form your own opinion!


Mindless Behaviour – ‘My Girl (remix)’ ft. Ciara, Tyga and Lil Twist

The Quartet who goes by the name of Mindless Behaviour, is Interscopes fresh group to burst onto the music scene. They recently released their music video for their single ‘My Girl – the remix – the infectious melodic production that instantly worked its way to my heart and put a great big smile on my face :-D. The spirited 13-year-old youngsters who are all both adorable and armed with swagger surely know how to make a cute track non-corny, with a little help from Tyga, Lil Twist and Ciara of course.

I love young talent! So refreshing 🙂 Check out Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton, collectively known as MINDLESS BEHAVIOUR in their video below…

‘Pretty Girl’ Keri Hilson, and Kanye West ‘Rock’ to the Remix !

I know I’ve already featured Keri’s new single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, but because I love it so much I thought I’d also put up the remix featuring Kanye West! Well you must admit he is well suited to this track, you know, a song about loving yourself – the whole conceited and egotistical nature of the number is so……well……Kanye ! I totally love it all the same. He never fails to add that little extra spice to a track like he did with Beyonce’s Ego (another song that was a certain reflection of himself!) Check out the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ remix below 🙂 …