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[Music Video] Lil Wayne Slows It Down On His Emotional Number ‘How To Love’…

Lil Wayne softens his heart on his third single ‘How To Love’, taken from Tha Carter IV album. The sensitive music video possesses a well-directed and thought-out storyline that is very fitting for the track. The moving visual features a vulnerable young lady who suffers a troubled journey throughout the early stages of her life, whilst also demonstrating a contrasting outcome; the accompanied video shows what her life could have been like if she had been faced with better options, and made wiser decisions.

It really does suit Wayne when he sets aside his hard-edged persona and displays his tender side, while sharing a poignant message.

Follow the heartrending story below…


New Music: Jennifer Lopez – ‘I’m Into You’ ft. Lil Wayne…

Following Jennifer Lopez’s previous single ‘On The Floor’, the singer slows things down a little with her island-tinged track entitled ‘I’m Into You’, featuring Lil Wayne. In my opinion this song is far better than her first single, and undeniably features an even better rap artist! I didn’t really have high hopes for her come-back career before but this is what I call a reviving track – a simple chorus that will stick to you – repetitive – therefore perfect to smash the charts these days.

Plus, J-Lo knows how to heighten a track’s temperature with a sizzling video accompaniment so I am fairly sure this track has the ability to hit the hot spot. I’m not considering buying her ‘Love?’ album as of yet, but ‘I’m Into You’ would make for a great second single. Take a listen below…

Kelly Rowland Motivates Lil Weezy In Her Sensuous New Single…

Kelly Rowland partners up with Lil Wayne on her Jim Jonsin -produced single ‘Motivation’, which was penned by Rico Love and is taken from her third solo album. Weezy doesn’t need much motivation to be ‘down and dirty’, I’m sure it comes naturally to the sex-driven rapper but there’s no harm in a few words of encouragement as the former DC member sings over a synth-lead beat, “Go Longer, You Can Last More Rounds/ Much Harder, You’re Almost There Now/ So Go Lover, Make Mama Proud” – seductive lyrics slickly delivered by Ms. Kelly.

The song won’t be as impacting as a single release, but I do like how it demonstrates the singer’s excellent vocal range and power which wasn’t always so evident in her ‘Destiny’s Child’ days – she has really proved herself as a successful solo artist and if she continues to release hits like ‘When Love Takes Over’ and ‘Commander’, she’ll continue to please the mainstream audience which is always important, in terms of dominating the charts. Though ‘Motivation’ is still an addictive track in my opinion! Take a listen below… 🙂

Drake/Lil Wayne VS. Kanye West/Jay-Z

Drake recently announced that he is planning a joint album with Lil Wayne.

In an interview with radio DJ Tim Westwood, the ‘Best I Ever Had’ rapper said, “We still got to do that album. I heard some other guys are coming out with an album, too. There’s two other rappers that are coming out with an album together. … I don’t know where they got that idea but …” – I think we all know the “two other rappers” he’s referring to here!

He continued, “I just caught wind of it through the grapevine, that there’s some other album coming out with two guys rapping on it too.”

Hmmm, so how will Drake and Lil Wayne’s joint project rival against Jay-Z and Kanye West’s upcoming Watch the Throne? …

For now though, here’s the lead single ‘H.A.M’ from Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s collaborative LP.

Jay Sean Illuminates the Dance floor with ‘Hit the Lights’ ft. Lil Wayne

Jay Sean teams up with Lil Wayne once again for the new single ‘Hit the Lights’, taken from Sean’s upcoming fourth album ‘Freeze Time’. The track does lack in originality a little, the beat is easily comparable to other clubby tracks that are already out there, yet I was still easily taken it by this one as I’m a sucker for an addictive number! I don’t feel that the Young Money artists shine as much as they did on their 2009 hit ‘Down’- the song doesn’t have that same spark. Jay Sean’s vocal is as good as it can be on a number like this, however Wayne kind of gets lost amongst the busyness of the track, so much so that by the end I even forgot he was a part of it. I highly adore him as an artist/rapper, but usually his verses touch that spot whereas this one kinda just flew over my head as it failed to really stand out – although I suppose with his name attached to the single it might increase its popularity and just may help its sales maybe?

Anyway, Jay Sean’s ‘Hit the Lights’ is definitely a catchy number as these bubbly party tracks with a repetitive chorus usually are……so check it out below! 🙂

Chris Brown’s Message to His Haters…’Look At Me Now’ ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne

Chris brown kicks off 2011 with his new single ‘Look At Me Now’, in which he speaks to all his haters – “Look At Me Now, I’m Getting Paper…”. I guess this could be seen as appropriate timing to unleash this track after his twitter clash with Raz B(2K). Chris raps alongside Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes which is an excellent collaboration in my opinion, as I appreciate all three artists individually; therefore a combination of the guys is a great treat. Plus each of their verses flow flawlessly over the understated snapping beat, that complements the vocals.

Wayne and Busta ain’t no strangers to this sound but this is something fairly new for Chris; I think his delivery is at a decent standard, although he surely did need the true rappers to back him up who both did this track justice.

Chris has clearly made a superb comeback; from facing charges for the assault against Rihanna, being banned from the BET Awards in 2009 and banned from entering the UK, to being able to pay tribute to MJ at the BET Awards in 2010, dropping hot tracks like ‘Deuces’ and completing his Domestic Violence course on 20th December……look at him now!

‘Look At Me Now’ is taken from his upcoming F.A.M.E album which I personally can not wait to drop! Check out the track below.