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Chris Brown Performs ‘Yeah 3X’ on GMA + THE Interview…

Chris Brown performed ‘Yeah 3X’ on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday, his hit single taken from his recently released fourth album ‘F.A.M.E.’.

Now I am not a big fan of auto-tuned vocals throughout an entire track, but honestly, I totally overlooked the singing and merely focused on his dance routine, that crazy energy and commanding moves was the only thing capturing my vision. I am massively pleased to see that he is getting back on track in terms of his reputation and his musical status, and that his album is already receiving enormous support. Despite his outburst after the show regarding being grilled about the Rihanna incident (an outburst quite understandable really!), I’m glad that he remained composed while being interviewed and ensured that the main focus of his interview was…….the ALBUM. ↓

I long for him to be able to re-visit the UK and grace his British fans with his presence. Check out the HOT performance below if you haven’t already seen!