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Beyonce Gets Wed in Her New Video for “Best Thing I Never Had”…

Beyonce sings about her relief that her previous lover whom she once wanted turned out to be no good for her – or in her words “the best thing [she] never had” – and expresses this in her wedding-themed music video for her latest single taken from her album ‘4’. The video shows bride Beyonce filled with complete happiness as she reflects on the past and proves that she has moved on, is happily in love and is about to marry the true man of her dream (e.g. Jay- Z).

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if this was a reconstruction of her own wedding day? 🙂

The concept of the video goes perfectly with the track; simple, yet still effectively gets her message across (to that loser). So if YOU are that former lover that she is vocally addressing in this track, then it really does SUCK to be YOU right now…

Enjoy 🙂