Jessie J Revisits Her School Day Dramas In Her Official Video For ‘Who’s Laughing Now’…

Jessie J has the last laugh as she releases an official music video for her latest single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, taken from her debut album ‘Who You Are‘.

So far her music videos have always boasted huge creativity and a colourful nature as the singer plays three different roles, adding some comedic value to the visual – along with her signature animated facial expressions of course. The ‘Price Tag’ singer reminisces on her childhood dramas at school as she explains how she was constantly bullied by her peers, and treated as an outcast. However she eventually fights back by causing mayhem around the school.

Who’s Laughing Now’ wouldn’t have personally been my next choice of single, but I guess the song and the video portray a personal view of the singer’s life as a school child. Some people may be able to identify with her story, and her conclusion is also inspiring for children who may be facing similar situations – indicating that if you raise your game and aim to accomplish your dreams, you too can have the last laugh.

😀 😀 😀

So let’s see if Jessie J can LAUGH all the way to the top of the charts with this one!…


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