Leona Lewis Adopts an Electro-dance sound for her new single ‘Collide’…

Leona Lewis’s new single entitled ‘Collide’ taken from her upcoming third album, has recently surfaced online, and I must say it was quite a turn-up for the books – for an artist who is known to usually be quite a ‘still’ performer, this new single is rather…well…up-tempo. The singer seems to have noticed the common trend of electro-dance storming the charts these days and decided to adopt the sound for this single release, although…[Opinion after first listen]…I strongly feel that her voice was far better suited to her original sound. I adore her angelic voice over pop ballads that fully compliment her clear, melodic vocals; it’s the main sound that she adopted since winning The X Factor so this dance vibe is a major contrast and may just take some getting used to…

…[And opinion after second listen]…hmmm I think this addictive number may have just grown on me!

I feel that the song just shows how versatile she can be as an artist, as her voice is clearly equally as powerful as the track itself. It could be said that her gentle personality doesn’t really match this floor-filler style of music, however I am quite hopeful that there’s a strong chance we may finally witness her inner groove – well she couldn’t exactly perform this one in a stand still now – could she?…


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