Beyonce Tells How She’s ‘A Freak All Day, All Night ‘In Her New Track ‘Schoolin’ Life’…

Out to all the 20-somethings…30-somethings…40-somethings…pretty-somethings…sexy-somethings… aaaand bitter-somethings……here’s Beyonce to teach you all a lil’ SOMETHING on her newly-surfaced track ‘Schoolin’ Life’…so listen up! as she takes us way back to her frisky 80s days…

Taken from the deluxe edition of her album ‘4’, ‘Schoolin Life’ is fun, funky, and is a positive shout out to all generations; it’s great to see B back in action like she’s never been away from the spotlight! Written and Produced by The-Dream, the single is very much vocally suited to the spirited voice of the singer. Listen below as Beyonce teaches life’s lessons in the 80s-inspired number…


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