From A Wannabe Doll To An Official Solo Doll: Melissa Molinaro – ‘Dance Floor’

After competing in the hugely competitive talent search shows “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll” and “Making The Band 3”, these platforms seemed to set Melissa Molinaro up perfectly for a potentially awesome career as a solo artist. Her upbeat new single appropriately entitled ‘Dance Floor’ is evidently a dance anthem for all the DJs to consider slotting into their playlists.

This is certainly an ideal first single from her upcoming album for the singer to release – being such a terrific dancer, this track enables her to exhibit her fiery moves milking the hell out of this number. The club banger isn’t one that sticks with me instantly, but I definitely feel it is a grower. As you may or may not know I am not a massive fan of tracks which are totally draped in auto tune, but who is really noticing the vocal quality when you’re too busy focusing on the visual quality!? Yep she is selling it for sure! (the single I mean).

You can check out Melissa Molinaro in action in her ‘Dance Floor’ video below, plus she also has a major role in the dance/romance movieHoney 2 so be sure to look out for that later this year!!/melissamolinaro

Available on iTunes now –


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