Jessie J’s in Wonderland for her ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Video…

Jessie J adopts an Alice in Wonderland theme for the video in support of her third single, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’.

Once again, the singer has produced a music video featuring more eccentric figures and numerous different faces……of Jessie! I must admit I do love the quirkiness, creativity, and unpredictability she portrays in her videos; however after releasing two ingenious videos, I thought that she might just go a little easy on this one but she went even further into OTT mode. For me, it’s a fantastic video in theory but watching it I felt there was too much going on all at once – Jessie J playing a million different characters with the camera flashing from Jessie 1 through to Jessie 6, all in the space of 5 seconds!

The lyrics are hugely powerful and I feel as if the video took over, slightly overshadowing the meaning of the song.

LOVE Jessie…LOVE ‘Who You Are’ album…LOVE ‘Nobody’s Perfect’…but not hot on the video. I really appreciate her originality but would have loved her to strip it back a little…for this track.


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