Music Video: Willow Smith Rocks Out In Her 21st Century World…

…well it is nice to see that this young girl is still being taken seriously with this ingenious music video for her new single ‘21st Century Girl’.

Willow Smith creates her own 21st century setting – similar to her previous video for ‘Whip My Hair’ it involves the singer bringing life, colour, fun and excitement to the scene. Willow has that ability to show attitude and fierceness, while still managing to stay adorable and show that she is still a 10 year old girl who wishes to continue to enjoy her childhood and have fun!

The youngster’s sparkling charisma is so endearing in this video, as she entertains us with her fantastic fiery energy. Her outfits are very ‘out there’ but she knows exactly how to work with it and make it look stylish and fashionable. She is so intriguing to watch – a smashing lil’ entertainer – and she has totally proved that she has truly earned her place in this ‘21st century’ music scene 🙂


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