Jennifer Lopez is the Queen Of The Dance Floor In Her Sizzling New Video…

Jennifer Lopez releases her new video for her single ‘On The Floor’, which is taken from her seventh studio album ‘Love?’ and is set to be released April 19th.

The song itself which features Pitbull is pretty trash – the generic party lyrics are quite cringy, and the whole track just lacks any kind of imagination or originality – so really, considering my description of this number it could be said that Pitbull and this track are such a perfect match! Although J.Lo’s vocal ability level is still as low as ever, she hasn’t failed to make the most of a substandard track as she glistens in her music video and entertains us with her enormous energy, and of course her sizzling image and exotic flair.

I really appreciate that the choreography doesn’t seem forced – it looks as if it comes naturally to the ‘American Idol’ judge and she is genuinely enjoying herself, which creates this very engaging video. The way she owns the floor shows us that she still has that passion for what she does, and causes us to forget that fact that she is surprisingly 41 years old! She’s still got IT, so watch her flaunt it ‘on the floor’ >>>


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