Kelly Rowland Motivates Lil Weezy In Her Sensuous New Single…

Kelly Rowland partners up with Lil Wayne on her Jim Jonsin -produced single ‘Motivation’, which was penned by Rico Love and is taken from her third solo album. Weezy doesn’t need much motivation to be ‘down and dirty’, I’m sure it comes naturally to the sex-driven rapper but there’s no harm in a few words of encouragement as the former DC member sings over a synth-lead beat, “Go Longer, You Can Last More Rounds/ Much Harder, You’re Almost There Now/ So Go Lover, Make Mama Proud” – seductive lyrics slickly delivered by Ms. Kelly.

The song won’t be as impacting as a single release, but I do like how it demonstrates the singer’s excellent vocal range and power which wasn’t always so evident in her ‘Destiny’s Child’ days – she has really proved herself as a successful solo artist and if she continues to release hits like ‘When Love Takes Over’ and ‘Commander’, she’ll continue to please the mainstream audience which is always important, in terms of dominating the charts. Though ‘Motivation’ is still an addictive track in my opinion! Take a listen below… 🙂


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