Kanye West Drops His Flash New Video For ‘All of the Lights’ ft. Rihanna (and erm, Kid Cudi)…

Kanye West has recently debuted his dazzling new video for ‘All of the Lights’, his latest single taken from his platinum-certified album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy– this is the only video that I’ve watched where I have found myself continuously blinking thereafter……

The Hype Williams-directed video displays colourful flashing lyrics on screen with varying arty effects and designs, clearly emphasising the song’s message. I also loved how near the end of the vid, artists’ names flashed on screen crediting all those who made some contribution to the track. I do love this track and video…A LOT…but after watching the whole screen flash its different colours and the video ended, I could honestly still see the lights flashing before my eyes for a while after, so I guess they’ve succeeded in making us see all of the lights! -though I don’t think anyone was focusing on all those lights when Rihanna popped up on screen…

Watching the video has definitely made me appreciate and love this tune even more than I did before. I’ve not really been a massive fan of Kanye’s releases for a while (sorry) but this one has certainly won back my heart 🙂 I Love. !


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