Cee Lo Green is ‘The Lady Killer’ in ‘Bodies’ Video

Cee Lo Green releases his video for his latest single ‘Bodies’, taken from his album ‘The Lady Killer’. After seeing his colourful, vibrant and fun performances at the Grammys and The Brits, this track and video gives off a totally different vibe and nature of the artist; you probably wouldn’t want to be his Lady after watching this!

The animated, dark and murderous video directed by Mikael Colombu features cameos by Janelle Monae, Kerry Washington and Karl Lagerfeld. Creativity overflows in this video, while Cee Lo gets caught up in a murder mystery. I do love the menacing introduction creepily delivered by the singer as he says “…I Have A Licence To Kill…” just before the track is about to officially drop, sounding frightful enough to send chills down your spine. The visuals are certainly not as bright and bubbly as his previous singles ‘F**k You’ and ‘It’s OK’, but the video is altogether clever and artistically directed, and the intense nature of the video makes for an interesting viewing. It is definitely refreshing to see compelling visuals and brilliant imagery so check out the video below as ‘The Lady Killer’ unfolds the murder story below…


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