Jay Sean Illuminates the Dance floor with ‘Hit the Lights’ ft. Lil Wayne

Jay Sean teams up with Lil Wayne once again for the new single ‘Hit the Lights’, taken from Sean’s upcoming fourth album ‘Freeze Time’. The track does lack in originality a little, the beat is easily comparable to other clubby tracks that are already out there, yet I was still easily taken it by this one as I’m a sucker for an addictive number! I don’t feel that the Young Money artists shine as much as they did on their 2009 hit ‘Down’- the song doesn’t have that same spark. Jay Sean’s vocal is as good as it can be on a number like this, however Wayne kind of gets lost amongst the busyness of the track, so much so that by the end I even forgot he was a part of it. I highly adore him as an artist/rapper, but usually his verses touch that spot whereas this one kinda just flew over my head as it failed to really stand out – although I suppose with his name attached to the single it might increase its popularity and just may help its sales maybe?

Anyway, Jay Sean’s ‘Hit the Lights’ is definitely a catchy number as these bubbly party tracks with a repetitive chorus usually are……so check it out below! 🙂


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