From a Sugababe to a Solobabe: Keisha Buchanan – ‘Under Control’

Former Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan (in my opinion the driving force of the group…) has been musically active for the past year with her recording sessions in aid of her upcoming debut solo album, from which a brand new track surfaced entitled ‘Under Control’. Due to the fact that this is an un-mastered version of the song, Keisha’s vocals sound drowned out by the busy composition and therefore the chorus didn’t stand out as much as it should do – it just came and went and had zero impact at first. However I can definitely hear that this tune has huge potential to become a ‘hit’ once it is fully complete. It’s an upbeat, radio-friendly, cheesy lolli-pop tune; the kind of sound that often goes down well with the listeners. It is most definitely a smart choice of song to release as her debut solo single in order to break her solo career, although I’m fairly sure her other tracks on her album won’t all use the “candy-flossy” theme.

I’m just really happy that since the controversial occasion of the singer being forced to leave the girl band in September 2009, she adopted an inspiring attitude, got signed to Island/Universal Music and began working hard, concentrating on her new solo material. I’m really pleased to see that she is back on the music scene to prove that she has got that talent and all what it takes to go at it alone. Yep – as we hear her say herself, she’s got it under control.


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