Music Video: Jawan Harris and Chris Brown Are On ‘Another Planet’…

Following the young new R&B singer’s debut single ‘Nobody’, Jawan Harris returns with his second music video for his single Another Planet, featuring Chris Brown. If you’ve already heard his previous cute little love song and have seen the video for ‘Nobody’, you’ll realize how different, much more grown and less cheesy his latest track is, in which he claims to be on a much higher level than any others and have possessions that are out of this world – you could almost forget this little man is only 13 years old!

Although the vocals are casually delivered by the guys, they do go perfectly with the uncomplicated beat and its pounding bassline, and has an awesome overall impact on the track. I was instantly hooked to this song when I first heard it a few months ago, and I must say the futuristic video is a complete fit and fully refreshes the track. The hazy and unearthly visuals are gripping and the black and blue lighting and the glowing effects create a ‘spacey’ ambience.

Check out Jawan Harris travelling alongside Chris Brown to Another Planet below…



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