Chris Brown’s Message to His Haters…’Look At Me Now’ ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne

Chris brown kicks off 2011 with his new single ‘Look At Me Now’, in which he speaks to all his haters – “Look At Me Now, I’m Getting Paper…”. I guess this could be seen as appropriate timing to unleash this track after his twitter clash with Raz B(2K). Chris raps alongside Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes which is an excellent collaboration in my opinion, as I appreciate all three artists individually; therefore a combination of the guys is a great treat. Plus each of their verses flow flawlessly over the understated snapping beat, that complements the vocals.

Wayne and Busta ain’t no strangers to this sound but this is something fairly new for Chris; I think his delivery is at a decent standard, although he surely did need the true rappers to back him up who both did this track justice.

Chris has clearly made a superb comeback; from facing charges for the assault against Rihanna, being banned from the BET Awards in 2009 and banned from entering the UK, to being able to pay tribute to MJ at the BET Awards in 2010, dropping hot tracks like ‘Deuces’ and completing his Domestic Violence course on 20th December……look at him now!

‘Look At Me Now’ is taken from his upcoming F.A.M.E album which I personally can not wait to drop! Check out the track below.


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