Craig David – ‘Dirty Mouth’ …Marks the End of his Career?

I feel like Craig David is like damaged goods at this moment, considering his new release entitled ‘Dirty Mouth’. This cringe-worthy urban/electro track is basically about a girl who regularly has too much to drink, which results in her coming out with such dirty words – hence being labeled as having that ‘dirty mouth’. Listening to this poppy, cheesy-fied crap makes me want to bring out the ‘Born to Do It’ album and play it over and over again, so to forget that this track ever existed. It’s like he has lost all inspiration and doesn’t know what to release anymore. He is essentially vocally talented but then he comes out with this nonsense which totally fails to compliment his voice. I mean where is he going with this one?

I do value him as an artist while I reflect on his past years, but I honestly just see this track as a weak and desperate attempt to produce a ‘hit’. I wish he could bring back that spark he once had in his early years…I just don’t know what he can do now to earn back the respect he once had other than to turn back time.

I must admit…‘Dirty Mouth’ could be seen as moderately enjoyable and is undeniably a track for the clubs, but I personally could not endure this one. It is far from an effective release and hardly ‘mega-hit’ material. I do really like Craig David and I think he does have the ability to resurrect his career, but if he continues to come out with this ish then there’s no hope for an everlasting fruitful music career!

…Still luv ya Craigy!


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