Official Video: ‘Game Over’ Female Takeover – Yep it needed that woman’s touch :-)

Tinchy Stryder’s ‘Game Over’ has been given a makeover with the Female Takeover, featuring Ruff Diamonds, A Dot, Envy, CherrieV, Baby Blue, Roxxxan, Lioness, Mz Brat and Lady Leshurr. The video is just as basic as the original vid (as expected), but the remix itself exposes the UK female talent – considering the fact that the grime scene is mainly dominated by guys, the girls needed to stamp their mark on it and allow people to recognise that the gals are on dis ting just as hard as da mandem! The majority of the track is lyrically impressive, especially the verses delivered by A Dot, Envy and Mz Brat.

This ‘Game Over’ remix is almost equally as brilliant as the original version; they definitely came “better and stronger” than I expected when I first heard about the female version. I could be slightly biased seeing as I love me a bit of girl power, but I believe they have surely proved themselves to have levelled up with some of the male MCs – they’re representing the females and I am totally backing this one! 😀


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