Kandi – ‘Haven’t Loved Right’ Music Video – feeling slightly teary after this one…

Kandi lays down her deepest feelings and pours out her entire heart in this emotional ballad ‘Haven’t Loved Right’, understandably, considering the fact that this moving track is dedicated to the memory of her ex-fiance A.J. Jewell who passed away a year ago. The song’s lyrics feature pure honesty and emotion that are passionately delivered by the singer. Her vulnerability is apparent and you can truly feel her pain.

Kandi looks stylishly beautiful in her music video, standing out from the plain black background wearing a gorgeous, rich purple tube dress – the video may be a simple and understated, but it is perfect in that it solely focuses on her, explaining her difficulty in moving on with her life. A modest video is all this track needs as it effectively expresses the personal and meaningful nature of the song.

All I’m thinking in the end is…where has Kandi been hiding all this time with her wondrous voice and impeccable vocals!? Well I’m glad she’s back, and if this track doesn’t make you pay the utmost attention to your loved one, then I don’t know what will.

I really hope she does well with her new album ‘Kandi Koated’ which is released December 14th. 🙂


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