Shy FX – ‘Raver’ ft. Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor: Music Video !

This genius drum ‘n’ bass production from Shy FX entitled ‘Raver’ is the new debut single from his forthcoming album ‘Larger Than Life’, which is due for release in 2011. The track features Kano and Donae’o on lead vocals which is clearly an ideal collaboration – Donae’o is a perfect contributor to this up-tempo party anthem, with him musically being one of the hottest leaders of all raves due to his massive funky house hits like ‘Party Hard’ and ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’. Plus, I LOVE Kano’s flow on this track; this is where he belongs – this is his sound which he is well suited to and both he and Donae’o are effective in making this track a potential hit.

Everything just works, even the transition from d’n’b to the carnival mix. ‘Raver’ is definitely suitable for this party season and it is surely one that will really heat you up for this frosty winter time.  The music video is so complimentary of the track, it’s very fitting and appropriate. I am totally feeling this one from beginning to end and I really can’t imagine any bums left on seats when this anthem comes on in the clubs!

This track will be on every DJs playlist for sure…check out the massive club hit which I believe will be a future massive club classic! 🙂


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