Keri Hilson (ft. Rick Ross) – ‘The Way You Love Me’: Music Video – from Pretty Girl Rock…to this…

I don’t know what to say about Keri Hilson’s over-sexualised new single/music video ‘The Way You Love Me’… I honestly see this as a desperate attempt to sell more records…or more like sell herself! I’m so disappointed man because she was really high on my list of artists that I’m totally feeling right now, I mean I’ve not long put up a positive post for her ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ song which I absolutely love…but this explicit number is quite a let down in my opinion.

We all know that sex sells, but I believe she looks perfectly stunning in her previous vids so there was no need for her to take it to this level, producing a track with lyrics like “F**k Me, F**k Me It’s The Way You F**k Me” and “I Got That Kinda Pussy That’ll Keep You Off The Streets”. She can usually be sexy without trying so hard which was always so appealing about her. But this track as well as the accompanied video is so cheap, trashy and degrading, and just looks like she is trying to be something that she’s not.

This is some alter-ego business, some next Keri ting…although I’ll still probably end up buying her album despite this fail number…sorry Keri, but I’d much prefer the pretty girl to the tacky girl.


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