Cheryl Cole Pours Out Her Heart In ‘The Flood’: Music Video

I’ve never really been ‘impressed’ by anything Cheryl Cole’s come up with musically since her first solo single ‘Fight For This Love’, but I’m instantly drawn to the purity and naturalness of her new one entitled ‘The Flood’ – I really like this cute little ballad :-). Her voice really suits the track well – it’s probably the best she’s sounded on anything. The track is metaphorically epic and even gets me feeling all emotional with lyrics like “…Sitting At The Shore All Day, Waiting On The Tide To Come”, “…My Tears That Fill The Ocean”, “…Natural Disaster Love” …*sniff*…

The music video is moderately boring, slightly depressing, though it totally fits with the emotive lyrics. I think if she put more emotion in her ‘acting’ she would have made more of an impact instead of rolling around in an all-white bed and blowing out matches. But I do really wish I had that kind of getaway – beach house looking over the ocean…that just looks so peaceful and comforting…

Considering the fact that Ms Cole’s got the X factor machine behind her, the track will inevitably go straight to number one. She may hack me off at times, but I do really like this Cheryl 🙂


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