Soulja Boy – ”Speakers Going Hammer” Video – He’s a bit like Marmite I guess :-/

It pains me to say that Soulja Boy’s new single ‘Speakers Going Hammer’ is annoyingly catchy – I hate that it’s so stuck in my head that I find myself walking down the street ‘singing’ “Speakers Going Hammerrrr…Bammer Bammer Bammerrrrrr”……arrrrrrgggghh !! He just makes me laugh ‘cos I can so relate to this one TO AN EXTENT – I myself appreciate my speakers at the highest possible level until they’re going “bammer bammer bammerrrr”, and not gonna lie, they’re the kinda speakers I would certainly LOVE in my trunk! 😀

The music video is averagely humorous…it begins with a peaceful and content neighbourhood with the residents running their day-to-day lives, when suddenly a coloured image from afar is spotted, followed by a multicoloured line of classic cars containing the baddest speakers, instantly bringing life and colour to the black and white neighbourhood and practically disturbing the peace!

I am yet to view him as a serious artist though, as I don’t really feel he has developed musically since his first album. I’m not sure if I genuinely LIKE this tune – it’s FUNNY…I do LAUGH (a little)…and that’s it – my appreciation of this track shall not go any further. Nevertheless, he must be doing something right if he’s still able to hit us with tracks like this and still make it rich! (Plus…he is cute :-)) So good on him!


One response

  1. Elizabeth

    hey that is not cool!!!!!!! bruh

    December 6, 2010 at 18:09

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